We Do More Than Design-Build. We Transform Spaces.

The Big Picture, The Small Details.

If you are looking to remodel your home with a keen balance of beauty, comfort and aesthetic functionalism, Spaces Renewed is where you need to start. Spaces Renewed is one of the few husband-and-wife-owned, design & build teams that transforms your spaces from concept to completion using high-end 3D design technology, handpicked materials and thoughtful attention to the finest details. Start living in your dream spaces without unnecessary inconvenience and costs.

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Create New Memories In Old Spaces
Redefine What You Call Home.

When taking on a large project, it’s critical to have the right company overseeing, managing and designing to ensure the best possible outcome. The design should feel cohesive, blending each room together, complimenting each design feature, all while maintaining the unique feel and function of each space. Having one design team spearhead product selection, ordering and coordinating all deliveries and quality control is a great benefit to homeowners. Organization of a whole house remodel is no easy task. The list of items to be considered, thought through, specified and ordered is overwhelming. Spaces Renewed specializes in these complex details, taking the burden off the homeowner by thinking through all of those details ahead of time. Because of our exhaustive design process and comprehensive management software, we are then able to enter into the build phase ahead of the curve. The build-out of the design plan is able to be executed with quality and efficiency, putting the homeowner into their new space as soon as possible.

  • Cohesive design
  • Room by room specifications
  • Quality control and reliability
  • Realistic 3D Renderings prior to commencement
  • Comprehensive material selection, specification and ordering
  • Interactive management for homeowners and builders to collaborate

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Your Kitchen Is The Heart Of Your Home
A Place For More Than Just Meals.

From daily meals to holiday gatherings to house parties, it’s a place for more than just meals, but memories. For such a dynamic space, we take all aspects into consideration to design and remodel your kitchen with modern, updated features and aesthetics, and a layout that fuses form and flow with creative functionality. Before we start making dust, we help you envision the future look of your renewed space with cutting-edge rendering software. It’s love before first sight.

  • Collaborative planning with your input
  • Open communication
  • Realistic 3D Renderings
  • High-quality, handpicked materials
  • Line item proposals with no surprises
  • Same crew on every job

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With A Bathroom This Inviting…
You Might Need To Invest In A Magazine Rack Next.

Ahhh… your spa… Time for a new one. When it’s your place to retreat to for a moment of relaxation, a little reprieve, or to prep for the day ahead, your bathroom should do more than just clean you; it should call you. At Spaces Renewed, we view every bathroom project as an empty canvass, no matter how outdated your current design may be. We’re extremely proficient and completely credentialed for your 180° bathroom renovations, accommodating your desire and vision. We collaborate with you entirely to bring a completely original and stylistically sophisticated look to every aspect of the redo. So whether you’re brushing your teeth or taking a jet-soaker bubble bath, you’ll feel a little more in-spa-ired.

  • Move or update existing plumbing
  • Hand-selected fixtures and features
  • Graphic rendering prior to commencement
  • Constant collaboration from start to finish
  • Custom design over existing floor plan
  • Completely personalized design

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We’re Not Mind Readers… But We’re Certainly Close.
You Have Ideas. We Help You Express Them.

The most important aspect of any addition is to ensure that the new space reflects the character and charm of the existing home. We want your new, added space to look and feel like it was always apart of your home. Our purposeful design will add to both the feel and function. Square footage without purpose is just empty space, so we strive to make every foot count! Custom touches like built-in niches and bookcases, fireplaces and window seats all add to the charm and function of the new space. When adding square footage, bedrooms, bathrooms or larger kitchens, we want your new floor plan to be inspired, not just meet added space requirements. Let us help you design and build your new space as we use the latest technology and software to make your vision a reality.

  • Client input from conception to completion
  • Design planning for aesthetic cohesion
  • Hand-selected fixtures and features
  • Quality control and reliability
  • 100% original design and appearance
  • Realistic 3D Renderings prior to commencement

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Outdoor Living At It’s Best
Design Is Where The Dream Begins.

Here in San Diego, homeowners are provided the perfect backdrop and setting to invest in outdoor living spaces. With nearly perfect weather all year round, let us help you take full advantage of your property. Whether it’s a tropical pool or California Room, outdoor kitchens or fireplaces, we strive to bring all the comforts of inside, outside! From built-in heaters, overhead and exterior lighting and fans and entertainment centers, you will find that your outdoor space invites your family and friends to enjoy a meal, a sunset, or just each others company in a whole new way.

  • Client input from conception to completion
  • Design planning for aesthetic cohesion
  • Quality control and reliability
  • 100% original design and appearance
  • Outdoor kitchens, bar areas, pools and hot tubs
  • Balanced design for visually appealing indoor/outdoor living

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When You Can't Find A House You Like
We'll Build You The Home You'll Love

Spaces Renewed provides new construction clients with superior service and value. Our process and approach to design/build will save homeowners time and money, all while expertly guiding through the planning, engineering, city and permitting phase of the project. The value offered cannot be overstated; instead of clients searching for and retaining an architect, then an engineering, then a designer, then a builder, Spaces Renewed combines all of these absolutely necessary entities under one roof. Integrating the builder at the beginning of the design phase, as opposed to months or years later like in the traditional approach to new construction, is a critically important aspect to accomplishing a successful project. Pricing and budgeting will be done early in the architecture and design phase, which will help educate and guide clients to choosing the right layout, design and finish package that will allow for not only an amazing final product but also for a project that will stay within budget. In the traditional approach, homeowner pay upfront for extensive architectural plans, only to find out in many cases months later, that the price to build is far outside their comfort level. By integrating the builder into all initial phases, clients have the knowledge and understanding needed to move forward with confidence and clarity.

  • Eliminates the hassle of finding a contractor after Design Phase
  • All in One: Architecture, Engineering, Interior Design, City Plans and Permits, Budgets and Pricing
  • End of Design Phase, build costs are accounted for and budgets outlined

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We’re Here To Help Bring Your Renovation Ideas To Life

Here's What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

Project Spotlight

Jaw Dropping Before And After Transformations

Modern Beach Remodel

Overview: This 1970 original beach home needed a full remodel. All plumbing and electrical, ceilings and drywall, as well as the bathrooms, kitchen and other cosmetic surfaces needed to be remodeled.

Challenge: The original kitchen was a closed in U shape. We wanted to open it up into the livingroom to create a much more usable and updated floor plan. In doing so, we were going to lose cabinet and counter space, making an already small kitchen even smaller.

Solution: Our solution was to create built-in storage throughout the kitchen and dining room adding much-needed storage, counter space and function. This plan, in the end, came out even better than imagined! The built-in bar area is a perfect place to store china, liquor, and all manner of entertaining glassware and table settings. Its direct access to the dining room made for the perfect combination of bar and buffet area. At the new peninsula, we added bar seating. This added much needed casual eating space, near the dining room, to connect the areas while still allocating individual space for their unique functions. The far wall, where the breakfast nook originally stood, is now multiple built-in pantries and even a desk area. This once small kitchen now has ample storage, dual functioning spaces and creative solutions to empty areas. Any company can put new cabinets on a wall, but not everyone will think through every inch of your home like we will!

Results: We completely transformed this 70's beach home and our clients couldn't have been happier. We tackled the kitchen dilemma perfectly and used that energy to continue throughout the house. The light grey and blue palate is perfect for this beach cottage. The modern touches and high-end finishes compliment the design and balance of this space.

Craftsman Beach Style Home

Overview: This original 1950’s ranch style home was long and narrow, with small chopped up rooms. The homeowners main objective was to be better able to entertain friends and family. Adding space to the home was the only way to accomplish that goal.

Challenge: Ranch style homes are typically long and narrow with rooms that are compartmentalized and walled off. It's difficult to add space and square footage without the home feeling like a long, uninviting bowling alley. The front elevation spanned a long distance, and we didn’t want it to appear like a commercial building with long plain exterior walls.

Solution: We created a sense of a foyer by raising the interior ceiling to the right height and dimension to alleviate the big box feel of a track home. A window seat was added for a warm and inviting feeling, as well as, room dividers with craftsman columns to break up the large box shape of the newly added kitchen and dining room. To add visual dimension, we added cabinets at differing heights and depths as room dividers. For the exterior, the pop out detail of the porch creates depth and dimension, as well as reinforce the craftsman appeal of the home. There are two different styles of siding, separated by a bright white chair rail, to create interest and texture which completely takes away the feel of the long straight wall that we had to work with.

Results: Three exterior walls were removed in order to add square footage to the area used most; the kitchen, dining room and living room. We kept the original style intact by incorporating brick, shiplap, columns, and various other craftsman details. Adding square footage doesn't have to make the home look and feel like a big cavernous box. Warmth and attention to detail make this ranch home both inviting and a standout feature in the neighborhood.

  • Excellent Workmanship, And Spot On Project Management...
    "We selected Space Renewed for their combination of excellent workmanship, and equally as important spot on project management. For us, being on the same page and having full visibility into the process was one of the most important factors. We highly recommend this team for anyone looking for super high quality, full visibility into all activities, and just the ability to work with some good people."
    Dan Braga
  • I Would Not Even Think About Using Anyone Else...
    "My husband and I were at polar opposites when it came to our vision for the space and Beth brought us together in a compromise which turned out beautiful and just what both of us wanted. I would not even think about using anyone else to do any projects on our home. The project was completed on time even during the rainy season and on budget! I look forward to working with them again in the future. "
    Lisa Stoughton – Vista
  • Spaces Renewed has our highest recommendation...
    "After talking to a few companies, we met Beth and Marshall really liked their approach to the design. They readily offered up references and we visited a couple of their projects and talked to their clients, all were very positive with their experience with Spaces Renewed. Bottom line, we were very satisfied with our experience with Beth and Marshall. The work was high quality and professional. The project stayed on schedule and the only cost increases were self-induced by our choices. Spaces Renewed has our highest recommendation!!!"
    Paul and Laura Miller
  • Efficient, Courteous & Professional...
    "About two years after nicely remodeling our bathrooms, including an additional new bathroom; Spaces Renewed returned to update our kitchen and again did a wonderful job. Marshall, Beth, and Yan were extremely patient and helpful and their entire crew was very efficient, courteous, and professional during the whole process. Someday, we would like to have them redo our master bathroom that was previously done poorly by another contractor!"
    Sharon C.
  • Bottom Line We Highly Recommend The Team At Spaces Renewed...
    "We love the work that Marshall and Beth accomplished in our Vista kitchen and family room. The results are wonderful and they were charming to work with. And Beth and Marshall made it so easy. They kept us involved and let us have good input into the process, finishes, and designs but kept us from making mistakes. We also appreciated the entire team of top professionals they brought in to help. Bottom line we highly recommend the team at Spaces Renewed."
    Scott Knox – Vista
The Remodel Process: Getting Started

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What Things Should I Consider When Developing A Budget For My Project?

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