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Marshall and Beth make one of the few husband-and-wife-owned design & build teams. As spacial specialists, they combine their unique skills, qualifications, and history of excellence to transform spaces from concept to completion, properly and beautifully. Each project is completely unique — a one-of-a-kind interior masterpiece that’s completely customized to meet your needs and personal tastes.

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Heartfelt Design Inspired By Your Dream

As a husband and wife team, we know how much your home means to you, which is why we are dedicated to working with you hands-on until your dream comes to life.

We realize that you are looking for more than a new look, but a space that inspires you and rejuvenates your home. We base our process on the belief that your desire for an attractive living space should meet your demand for an eye for the unseen, for quality that you can rely on inside and out, and for unsurpassed dedication to completion all at a value that fits into your budget.

Shortcuts Are For The Other Guys

  • Consultation: We’ll meet together at your home to discuss goals, concepts and design options.
  • Design: We create a personalized plan and realistic 3D rendering that improves the quality, functionality and flow of your space. We collaborate together to bring your vision to life.
  • Plan: Hands-on design for selection of cabinets, counter tops, flooring, custom tile, fixtures, etc. We handle all ordering, deliveries and quality control.
  • Build: A great design without a great crew to execute isn’t good enough for us and shouldn’t be good enough for you. At Spaces Renewed, our crew raises and sets the standard for the remodeling industry.

Reinventing Spaces Affordably

When we say Concept to Completion, we mean it! From the first meeting, you will be working hand in hand in hand with both Marshall and Beth. Most Design/Build companies have you meet with salespeople first. Once the project is sold, you are passed to a designer or draftsman. After the plans are drawn, you then left to a foreman or supervisor, never hearing from your original point of contact again. At Spaces renewed, we believe the only way to ensure the finished project is exactly what you have envisioned, is to meet with one team the whole time. This way, what’s discussed on day one is what is executed months later during the build phase. Not many other firms can promise you that you work hand in hand with the owners from…Concept to Completion!

Connecting Our Space to Yours

We are so blessed to live and work in such an amazing and unique community, and at Spaces Renewed, we love to give back. Being a military town, we have found opportunities to work with injured and recovering veterans in San Diego. These men and their families have had to overcome physical, mental and emotional hardships. To be able to come alongside them during the recovery process has been a great joy for us all. We have had the privilege to rebuild backyards, and remodeled entire houses for some of our service men and women, completely free of charge.

Marshall and Beth have attended the same small church since before they were married. Giving back to this fellowship has become an important part of Spaces Renewed. From creative makeovers for the Children’s Ministry to the entire redesign of the main gathering areas. Supporting these projects through coordination, sourcing, expertise, and financially, Spaces Renewed has been able to bless those that attend this small community church for many years.

Your Renovation Ideas Come To Life With Spaces Renewed

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Marshall has been raising the bar in the construction industry since 1995. He started in landscape construction at a very young age. Then at just the age of 18, he became the superintendent of a large reinforcing company, cultivating a valuable understanding and ability for combining great management with acute attention to detail for a job well done. As his knowledge of each individual trade and skill set grew, he founded his own business with a unique focus on connecting each aspect needed to complete any job properly. This holistic approach brings clients the highest level of knowledge, problem solving, and cohesive planning. Marshall goes beyond the standard General Construction license with a certification in Chief Architect architectural software – a powerful tool that allows him to draw interior remodels, exterior elevation, additional plans, and more.

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After starting in construction at the foundation level, he transitioned into general contracting. He started as a laborer in the field and worked his way to be a superintendent for a well known general contracting company. This experience is invaluable, as the best managers and builders are those that know all aspects of the trades from the ground up.

As he learned each of the trades it gave him a very unique focus and ability to identify the disconnect in remodeling. He learned from the ground up how a project should be planned and conducted. He learned just how important it is that the project starts with a detail-driven plan and that it not only be accurate in the final cosmetic call outs but also in the very beginning parts of the project. His attention to detail and forethought was expanded year after year.

While working in the building industry, Marshall saw a major disconnect in the design, planning, coordination of the trades, and the follow through of the project. Time and time again he would see projects suffer from poor planning and lack of design integration.

This is when Marshall took action and opened up his own company, where he could control both the design and the build process in order to deliver exactly what clients were looking for. His vision for Design Integration is what would come to set apart his company. Design integrations is what takes a concept to reality. a successful project must start in the design phase, the design must be verified on paper in order to assure a successful project. If it is not first correct on paper it is near impossible to get it right on the field.

Marshall, serves as the lead drafter utilizing Chief Architect for our architectural renderings. He is able to work through the integration of the design concepts to buildable reality. He utilizes Chief architect which is one of the most powerful architectural tools which allows Spaces Renewed to put your project details into a tangible plan for clients to review. It allows you, the homeowner, to be able to understand the vision in 3d of what you project is going to actually look like.

Another one of the biggest reasons why Marshall opened his design build company was time and time again he would see contractors have a great plan but then take the least path of resistance to execute it. At Space Renewed, this is not our approach. He is the firmest believer that a great plan must be executed by a great company. That all phases of construction must be thoroughly and appropriately conducted. He is constantly telling the trades that in order to have that successful project that it has to be correct in the rough phases of construction in order to have a successful finished project. He leaves the shortcuts and excuses to the other guys. Marshall is a master problem solver and planner. He and his crews take great pride in the project from start to finish.

Marshall is never looking for just the next job. He is looking for the next successful relationship that he can build giving the client there dream remodel. He is in it for the long haul. Remodels can be extremely stressful and usually always have some sort of obstacle. Marshall prides himself in working through these obstacles and actually seeing the projects through to completion. He is incredible problem solver and will always work to the best possible outcome on your project.

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Beth has been providing exceptional design/build consultation since 2006, leveraging her eye for aesthetic beauty and precision with certifications from the National Kitchen & Bath Association for Design, and ASID, to bring clients the highest level of design service. As a 5x Houzz award winner for both Design and Service, Beth offers the best of not only design, but also process and performance. Our portfolio of work showcases Beth’s design range. From the very modern, to transitional, to Spanish, and everything in between, Beth is here to help clients find their inner designer and let it loose! Through personal, hands on collaboration, Beth will work hand in hand with clients, giving them the education, expertise and guidance to achieve the very best outcome for their space. With access to industry leading materials, and decades long relationships with vendors and suppliers, Beth’s clients know they will receive nothing but the best that the design world has to offer.

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The best part however, is that Beth is so much more than just a color and form expert. She is a spatial specialist! By using all of the latest 3D rendering and modeling tools, Beth provides clients with an early preview of their new kitchen, bath, or addition. Her attention to detail in floor plan planning and strategic use of space will be noticed and appreciated immediately. This care and concern for every square inch has given Beth’s clients total trust in her leading and guiding throughout the entire design/build process.
Beth is one of the only designers who can bring the design and the build process together, under one roof. Instead of clients having a great design experience, and then having to face the world of building and contracting alone, Beth has her own build company who will care just as deeply for the design as she does. This amazing benefit is experienced and seen in many ways. First, throughout the design phase, the clients budget is under constant consideration. So many times, clients hire designers, spend time and money, only to realize that the design provided is way outside their budgetary goals. Beth avoids this common struggle by integrating the design into pricing modules early on. Second, when the design phase is complete, the build team is already on board, knows every specification, down to the last detail, and is fully prepared to execute the build process with precision and professionalism.

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At age 16 Paul began restoring classic wood hull racing yachts. The craftsmen he was surrounded by knew their trade and were enthusiastic about design and function. Here he learned to pay attention to the details, which later dovetailed nicely with building high-end custom beach homes. Because both have small layouts, Paul learned to be very clever with space design and layout.

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He enjoys listening to the clients’ desires and lifestyles, and figuring out how to translate them into the building and design of their homes. He also enjoys working with his team of talented and passionate craftsmen who approach each home as though it were their own. Through his determination, drive, and true love of the industry, he has established an enduring tradition of quality, innovation, and service in design-build remodeling and new construction. He specializes in custom remodels, new construction, and commercial tenant improvements. His approach is open, honest and client focused in order to provide a personalized service, expert design, and finish craftsmanship with a high level of communication.

ASID – design excellence award 2012
Residential bath design

ASID – design excellence award 2011
complete remodel of residential space under 3500sf

Featured LEED certified home
USGBC tour 2011

NACHB Builder of the Year 2010

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Scott strives to help others bring their design ideas into focus and actualize their dream home. That goal brought him to Spaces Renewed where he found like-minded people. His journey to Spaces Renewed started in North Dakota working in his family’s business, Ed Jorgenson & Sons Const. and later Jorgenson Lumber when his family purchased the lumber company in 1983.

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With his hands on all phases of building construction, he was doing a little of everything from concrete to framing and finish carpentry.

Later he became part owner with his brother in Jorgenson Lumber and Construction, after combining Ed Jorgenson & Sons Const. and Jorgenson Lumber. Here he handled everything from building material and custom home sales and contracting. Eventually, as the company grew, he began home and remodel designing, drafting, retail sales, both commercial and residential building materials, and lastly custom and boxed cabinets, doors, and woodwork.

As the focus of his company shifted toward lumber, he broke off and founded his own company, Scott Jorgenson Construction where he was a general contractor and designer/consultant emphasizing in custom home building and remodels.

Finally, his journey has taken him to San Diego and Spaces Renewed where he has helped the company expand into new construction of buildings and houses. His skills include but are not limited to Chief Architect (SSA Member), design software since 2006, 3D renders, material lists, etc., hands-on experience in all phases of construction, a patient personality with a strong attention to detail, and contracting experience with subcontractors.

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  • Excellent Workmanship, And Spot On Project Management...
    "We selected Space Renewed for their combination of excellent workmanship, and equally as important spot on project management. For us, being on the same page and having full visibility into the process was one of the most important factors. We highly recommend this team for anyone looking for super high quality, full visibility into all activities, and just the ability to work with some good people."
    Dan Braga
  • I Would Not Even Think About Using Anyone Else...
    "My husband and I were at polar opposites when it came to our vision for the space and Beth brought us together in a compromise which turned out beautiful and just what both of us wanted. I would not even think about using anyone else to do any projects on our home. The project was completed on time even during the rainy season and on budget! I look forward to working with them again in the future. "
    Lisa Stoughton – Vista
  • Spaces Renewed has our highest recommendation...
    "After talking to a few companies, we met Beth and Marshall really liked their approach to the design. They readily offered up references and we visited a couple of their projects and talked to their clients, all were very positive with their experience with Spaces Renewed. Bottom line, we were very satisfied with our experience with Beth and Marshall. The work was high quality and professional. The project stayed on schedule and the only cost increases were self-induced by our choices. Spaces Renewed has our highest recommendation!!!"
    Paul and Laura Miller
  • Efficient, Courteous & Professional...
    "About two years after nicely remodeling our bathrooms, including an additional new bathroom; Spaces Renewed returned to update our kitchen and again did a wonderful job. Marshall, Beth, and Yan were extremely patient and helpful and their entire crew was very efficient, courteous, and professional during the whole process. Someday, we would like to have them redo our master bathroom that was previously done poorly by another contractor!"
    Sharon C.
  • Bottom Line We Highly Recommend The Team At Spaces Renewed...
    "We love the work that Marshall and Beth accomplished in our Vista kitchen and family room. The results are wonderful and they were charming to work with. And Beth and Marshall made it so easy. They kept us involved and let us have good input into the process, finishes, and designs but kept us from making mistakes. We also appreciated the entire team of top professionals they brought in to help. Bottom line we highly recommend the team at Spaces Renewed."
    Scott Knox – Vista