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Husband & Wife + The Team

-Marshall & Beth Booth

As a husband and wife team—and homeowners with a family of our own, we understand the significance of what your home means to you.

This is why we are dedicated to working with you, using a hands-on approach throughout each step of the entire process, from concept to completion, ensuring we make your dream home a living reality. We pour our passion & soul into every home we renovate and build.

We realize that you are looking for more than a “new look.” You want a home that inspires you, that reflects your individuality, your family, your lifestyle, and your heart—a place that truly lives up to the adage, “There’s no place like home.” We understand that beyond just a beautiful space, you demand an eye for the unseen—craftsmanship that embraces every detail from the inside out and withstands the test of time for generations to come.

We started Spaces Renewed with a dedication to providing a level of work and customer service that is unmatched in the construction industry. We have created a team of professionals as passionate as we are in fulfilling our client’s visions.

Our mission and pleasure at Spaces Renewed are to exceed your highest expectations and give you the creativity, talent, expertise and attention to detail that every homeowner deserves—all under one roof, in one seamless process.

We look forward to meeting you and discussing your vision for your new home.


Marshall &Beth Booth

Marshall & Beth Booth

Meet the team

We have built a team of specialists for all phases of our construction process. Each team member has a specific role to play in our production to ensure that we have an efficient approach to your custom home building. We are committed to high-quality craftsmanship, and timely completion of each step in the process – including everything from starting your house plans to completion and final inspection.



Marshall has been raising the bar in the construction industry since 1995. He started in landscape construction at a very young age. At 18, he became the superintendent of a large reinforcing company, cultivating a valuable understanding and ability  to combine great management with acute attention to detail. After starting construction at the foundation level, he quickly transitioned into general contracting.

As his skill set and knowledge of each of the individual trades grew, it gave him a unique focus and ability to identify the disconnect in the design, planning, coordination of the trades, and the follow-through of projects. he would often see projects suffer from poor planning and lack of design integration. He would witness contractors with great plans, but they would take the least path of resistance to execute them. He learned from the ground up how a project should be planned and conducted and how important it is that the project starts with a detail-driven plan from the initial inception through to the final cosmetic call-outs upon completion.

This is when Marshall acted and opened up Spaces Renewed, where he could control both the design and the build process, from Concept to Completion, to deliver what homeowners were looking for. His vision for Design Integration is what sets his company apart. Design integration is what brings a concept to reality. A successful project must start in the design phase and then get verified on paper to ensure a successful project.. If it is not first correct on paper, it is near impossible to get it right in the field. This holistic approach brings Spaces Renewed clients the highest level of knowledge, problem-solving and cohesive planning.

Marshall goes beyond the standard General Construction license with a certification in Chief Architect architectural software—a powerful tool that allows him to draw interior remodels, exterior elevation, additional plans, and more. He serves as the lead drafter utilizing Chief Architect for our architectural renderings. He can work through integrating the design concepts into a buildable reality. It allows his clients to gain the most realistic view of the finished project in 3D.



Beth has been providing exceptional design-build expertise since 2006. Leveraging her eye for aesthetic beauty and precision with certifications from the National Kitchen & Bath Association for Design, and ASID, she brings clients the highest level of design service. As a Five-Time Houzz Award Winner for both Design and Service, Beth offers the best of not only design but also process and performance.

Her portfolio of work showcases her design range—from the very modern, to transitional, to Spanish, and everything in between. Beth is here to help clients find their inner designer and put it into action. Through personal, hands-on collaboration, Beth works hand-in-hand with clients, providing education, expertise and guidance to achieve the best outcome for their homes. With access to industry-leading materials and decades-long relationships with vendors and suppliers, Beth’s clients know they will receive nothing but the best that the design world has to offer.

Beth is not only a color and form expert; but is also a spatial specialist. Using all of the latest 3D rendering and modeling tools, she provides clients with an early preview of their new kitchen, bath, or addition. Her attention to detail in floor planning and strategic use of space for every square inch gives clients total trust in her leading and guiding them throughout the entire design/build process.

Beth is one of the only designers to bring the design and the build process together under one roof. Instead of clients going to a separate designer and facing the world of building and contracting alone, Beth has her own building company that will care just as deeply for the design as she does. This amazing benefit is experienced and seen in many ways. First, the client’s budget is under constant consideration throughout the design phase So often, clients hire designers and spend time and money, only to realize that the design provided is way outside their budgetary goals.

Beth avoids this common struggle by early integrating the design into pricing modules. Second, when the design phase is complete, the build team is already on board, knows every specification, down to the last detail, and is fully prepared to execute the build process with precision and professionalism.



Scott strives to help others bring their design ideas into focus and actualize their dream home. This goal brought him to Spaces Renewed, where he found like-minded people. His journey started in North Dakota, working in his family’s business, Ed Jorgenson & Sons Const. And later, Jorgenson Lumber when his family purchased the lumber company in 1983. With his hands-on approach to all phases of construction, he did a little of everything from concrete to framing and finish carpentry. Later he became part owner with his brother in Jorgenson Lumber and Construction, after combining Ed Jorgenson & Sons Const. And Jorgenson Lumber.

Here he handled everything from building material and custom home sales to contracting. Eventually, as the company grew, he began commercial and residential building, home and remodeled designing, drafting, retail sales, and custom and boxed cabinets, doors and woodwork As his company’s focus shifted toward lumber, he parted ways and founded his own company Scott Jorgenson Construction was a general contractor and designer/consultant emphasizing custom home building and remodels.

Finally, his journey brought him to San Diego—and eventually, Spaces Renewed, where he has helped the company expand into new construction of buildings and homes. His skills include Chief Architect (SSA Member—design software since 2006), 3D rendering, material lists, design and general contracting. Paul’s unique gifts include hands-on experience in all phases of construction, a patient personality with strong attention to detail and contracting experience with subcontractors.

“Every block of stone has a statue inside it
and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.
I saw the angel in the marble and carved until
I set him free.”