Bathroom remodeling is a major investment, so getting it done right the first time requires blood, sweat and tears. 

There are just many potential pitfalls, from ugly pipes and awkward spaces to too much dust and dirt. Not to mention the stress, messiness, and risk that can come along the way.

Before starting on your remodeling project, make sure you know what you need – from design to timeline and if your budget can handle everything.

Here’s a list of to-dos we prepare for you to get ready:

Define your style

One exciting part of doing a bathroom remodel is to style it. While you’re busy saving Pinterest boards of bathroom ideas, don’t forget to consider how it will affect your house’s overall design.

Incorporate your new bathroom into the rest of your home, so it doesn’t look like an afterthought. If you have a more creamy-off-white exterior or printed wallpapers, keep those colors in mind when choosing fixtures and accessories.

Take, for example, the work we’ve done to this Modern Farmhouse in Encinitas. The gold brass accents are evident in the bathroom’s faucets, showers, and cabinets’ pulls, as well as in the kitchen and other furniture around the house.

Set a budget

Bathrooms are not cheap!

HomeAdvisor says it costs between $6,500 – $16,300 to remodel a bathroom in 2022, while the average cost of a remodel is close to $11,000. Whether it’s a minor or a big bathroom change, it’s better to allocate a sizeable budget to cover unforeseen expenses.

Modernize Home Services Bathroom Remodel Cost Calculator can help you estimate the cost of your bathroom remodel and see if there are ways to save money by using certain materials. 

Think long term

A bathroom could take anywhere from a few months to two years, depending on how extensive it is and how much time is spent planning out every detail before the renovation. 

Check everything from plumbing and flooring options to lighting fixtures and see that they stay functional and look timeless until you sell the house or decide to remodel it again.

Based on the Remodeling Magazine report, “you may get about 60% of that cost back in the resale value of your home. According to the same report, an upscale remodel will cost around $100,000, but you’ll recoup around 53% of the cost in resale value.” 

Do not skimp on quality

Bathroom remodels typically require a good-sized investment. And while there’s no harm in cutting back from time to time, be careful that you don’t sacrifice quality. Mind you, you don’t want to go through all this effort only to have a bathroom leak and start over.

To maximize your budget on plumbing fixtures, you must know what materials and finishes are available and why you must never compromise functionality and have them professionally installed. 

In an article from Visionary Homes, you will learn more about where to save or splurge on your plumbing fixtures.

Go with the standard when it comes to plumbing fixtures

When talking about plumbing fixtures, the standard is the way to go. The most common fixtures found in a bathroom include showers, tub/shower combination units, toilets, sinks and faucets.

Plumbing fixtures are easier to work with in terms of style and size than other aspects of your bathroom project. They are less likely to overwhelm you when it comes to installation, so stick with standards like brass or steel.

Consider your lighting options and pay attention to the details

Lighting can set a tone for bathroom design. The Spruce has shared 5 Types of Bathroom Lighting that you may like for your new bathroom. 

On the other hand, small details are as important as bigger improvements. For example, if your current sink is cracked and chipping off paint, don’t overlook replacing it. A cracked sink is more than just unsightly; it can lead to other problems down the line.

Hire the right person

It’s easy to blow up your new bathroom and make many mistakes to regret later, but you don’t want that. 

To ensure a job is completed correctly, it’s always a great idea to hire a professional team of home remodelers – much better if you can find a team who does both design and building

Spaces Renewed prides itself on its ‘design and build’ approach to bathroom renovation. You can contact us here if you ever need a pro renovation builder.

Get it in writing

You may be itching to start ripping up your bathroom floor or painting walls, but you should take the time to back up that what you want is spelt out somewhere.

Having an agreement signed by all parties can help things move smoothly. It also helps with any disputes that may arise later. If you don’t know what to check in a contract, you can read this helpful article on What Your Remodeling Contract Should Say for reference.

Bathroom remodeling is more complex, creative, and challenging than many other remodeling projects. 

But if this remodel requires extra work, there’s also an extra reward. Its remodeling can influence how you use—and enjoy—your home and how its value increases each day.