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With all the attention the home-buying market is receiving, it can feel quite stressful to begin shopping for your next home.  In addition to the fast-paced nature, some buyers forgoing inspections to win a bid and drastically overpaying, you can find yourself beyond your budget and without the home you set out to purchase.  At Spaces Renewed, we don’t think this should be the case, and through a new construction project with us, we believe you can get exactly what you want from your next house.  It does require an attentive team that responds to your wishes, provides clear and consistent communication and competitive pricing, and Spaces Renewed offers all of that and more.

Spaces Renewed is a husband-and-wife-owned design, renovation and home-build firm, and we’ve served the Carlsbad area for years.  In that time, we’ve carved out a place in the market for savvy homebuyers who know what they want and expect it to be expertly crafted.  As homeowners ourselves, we also know that it takes more than square footage or a specific address to make your house a home, but we also know how to do more than just craft a nice house.  We set out to build your dream home, so you never have to wonder if it was all worth the time and effort.

Our Reputation

With plenty of firms making big claims, it’s important the contractor you hire can live up to their own hype.  At Spaces Renewed, we know our reputation is solid, but we also value the fact that each new project can build up or tear down the sterling standing we have.  But, in delivering transformative designs, we treat every customer as our first priority.  The industry has taken notice of our work and we’ve been featured in Home Builder Digest, Home Bunch, Houzz Magazine.  In addition, co-owner Beth Booth was interviewed by SDVoyager to discuss her experience in taking dreams and turning them into reality.  Modern Luxury Magazine also attended one of our open house events.

Beyond positive press coverage, we are equally proud of what our actual clients have to say:

“We are extremely happy with our remodel, thanks to Spaces Renewed.  Marshall and Beth are so passionate about what they do, and that passion produces amazing results.  Their planning and attention to detail were evident from the day we met them and continued throughout our entire project.  The SR crew of professionals and tradespeople were all respectful, friendly, and communicative, which made it just a bit easier for us since we continued to live in our house during the entire 4-month process.”

– Daphne D.

Design + Build, Integrated + Elevated


Consultation is how any great project of this scale should start.  Before you start running through various designs and settle, we want to take this time to learn more about your project goals and needs.  We’ll spend time in your current home and conduct a comprehensive assessment that helps us learn about your style and more.  You’ll have the freedom to ask whatever questions you have, receive informed guidance and move forward with confidence.  We’ll also begin to outline a timeframe and budget, so you can be relieved from unexpected surprises down the road.


With the use of sophisticated project management software, our design phase stands out from many competitors and quite possibly from the last time you oversaw a home-build project.  We’ve done away with stilted blueprints that can be hard to fully visualize.  Instead, our software will present you with a fully-3D model of your new home.  You’ll be able to virtually tour the home, make design changes on the fly and see their result in real-time.  The old way of doing business meant pouring over blueprints, and when you do make a change, waiting for hours or even days to see them incorporated into the plan.  This is all driven by our desire to not just deliver an incredible product, but to do it efficiently and clearly.


Here is where we take the exciting design choices you’ve made and begin to finalize them.  You’ll spend this time filing disclosures and making your final tweaks while we take charge of ordering materials, scheduling the project and making sure everything is ready for when we break ground.  This is the bridge from preparation to completion.


Until the last nail is driven, our job isn’t complete.  We don’t walk away or abscond responsibility when it comes to the building phase.  Here, we will provide a blend of our qualified team and reputable subcontractors to be onsite and actively engaged in the building process.  We avoid the frustration that can come as a result of an uncommitted tradesmen cutting corners or trying to speed up the process.  Also, in the event an alternative needs to be considered, we’ll be there to discuss your options with you and help you come to a satisfying decision.

We Look Forward to Working With You

When you’re ready to learn more, please reach out to us using the information below: