Let Us Build You A Home You’ll Love.

Are you in search of a custom home builder near me? Spaces Renewed builds custom homes with superior service and value. Our process and approach to “Design + Build” save homeowners time and money while expertly guiding them through the building project’s planning, engineering, city and permitting phase. The value offered cannot be overstated; instead of clients searching for and retaining an architect, an engineer, a designer, and then finally a builder/general contractor, Spaces Renewed combines all of these necessary entities under one roof. Integrating the builder at the beginning of the design phase, as opposed to months or years later, like in the traditional approach to new construction, is a critical aspect of accomplishing a successful project.

Budgeting is done early in the architecture and design phase, which helps educate and guide clients in choosing the right layout, interior design, and finish/material package. It allows for not only an amazing final product but also for a project that stays within budget.

In the traditional approach, homeowners pay upfront for extensive architectural plans, only to discover that the price to build is far beyond their comfort level in many cases, months later. By integrating the builder and budget into all initial phases, clients have the knowledge and understanding needed to move forward confidently and clearly. Your beautiful new custom-built home can become a reality with Spaces Renewed.