It depends. For a whole-house remodel—yes.  And this is why scheduling is so important. Proper planning ahead of time can literally cut months off of the build time, which is why the Design-Build model is such a win-win. A company promising to do a remodel for cheaper isn’t always a good value if they are unable to keep a schedule and the homeowner ends up having to rent a space for the extra months. (These are the hidden costs associated with companies that don’t put emphasis on process and planning).

For an isolated room, a kitchen or bath remodel, homeowners can stay in their home. We take every measure to make this experience is as non-invasive and non-disruptive as possible. If that means setting up a kitchen in the garage, creating huge containment areas to control dust and debris, or simply making sure the job site is tidy, we know this process is inconvenient and difficult, and we are here to help ease that stress.

When renovating multiple areas at a time, we discuss the pros and cons with the client regarding the feasibility of staying or leaving the home. We find the solution that works best for them.