The traditional method of building and remodeling is usually a disjointed, time-consuming and expensive process. Typically, homeowners are told that the first step is to find an architectural firm. Then, after months of working with an architect, homeowners are told that in order to get an accurate construction bid, they need a comprehensive set of interior design drawings. Upon hiring an interior design team, the homeowner needs to get them up to speed on the previous months of meetings with the architect. The homeowner has to manage the communication between the design and architect teams to ensure that they are working together, connecting the vision, and moving the process along.

At this point, the homeowner still needs a bid from a construction company to establish a working budget. And it’s not until this final step that the reality of the cost and schedule of the project is determined.

When three separate companies are hired to do one project and have not worked together from the beginning, they often have a difficult time getting on the same page. And, when the team isn’t working cohesively, the homeowner is often left out of the loop on critical decision making, scheduling and financial implications, and other critical issues.

We believe the traditional approach to building and remodeling makes the process more frustrating, expensive and time-consuming than it needs to be. With Design-Build, every part of the process is done under one roof, with one point of communication. Our inclusive approach keeps design, price, building scope and

schedule as one, easy to follow process. “All under one roof” means the highest level of quality control and accountability, industrywide.