We believe that a successful company uses both employees and sub-contractors. Employees embody the essence of any company. We have employees who have been with us for over a decade, and to us, this speaks to continuity, community, and loyalty, all within the framework of business. However, we don’t use an hourly employee to re-pipe a whole house or install an electrical panel upgrade. We use the best, highly trained professionals to execute critical path skilled trades and skilled labor, and subcontractors are the backbone of that commitment to excellence. In the same way that longevity with an employee is a good sign, the same can be said for the builder-subcontractor relationship. Some of our subcontractors have been a part of our team for over a decade, and we are proud of those long-standing relationships. We don’t look through a Rolodex and pick the cheapest sub, or the one who has a schedule opening. We use the same subs on every project to ensure quality, schedule adherence, and consistent job site values.