Market studies show that working with a Design-Build firm that provides architecture and construction together can deliver: 6.1% lower unit cost; 12.0% faster construction speed; 33.5% faster delivery speed; 5.2% less cost growth; 11.4% less schedule growth. On a $1,000,000 house with a 12-month construction schedule, Design-Build costs $61,000 less, takes 1.5 months less to construct and 6 months less time from initial design contract to completion.

Here is what researchers found when they interviewed clients who used the Design-Build process versus the Traditional method:

“Most Opportunity To Innovate

When your entire team is working together under one roof, this allows more flexibility and “on the fly” decision making as challenges, changes and obstacles emerge. The build team pushes the design team to understand construction on a deeper level. This makes the designers more knowledgeable and well-rounded, equipping them with both foresight and insight to help give clients sound ideas and innovative solutions. The design team asks that the build staff stay open and flexible, ever willing to push the envelope on what’s possible in construction. While some general contractors can get lazy, our build staff understands the rigors of the design world—fully embracing the challenge to think outside the box.

 Best Ability To Fast Track A Project”

Our goal is to get our clients into production as quickly and efficiently as possible. A lot of architectural design firms stay perpetually in the design phase. Why is this? They do not have an incentive or need to get projects cleared for construction. While we love and enjoy the design process, we understand our client’s goal is to actually live in the home of their dreams, not just see it on paper.

“Best Value”

Hiring and coordinating three separate companies (Architect, Interior Design and Construction) to complete a remodeling project or new home build is going to cost more money and require more time than hiring one firm that can do it all.

“Most Able To Deliver Owner Goals And Objectives”

We are especially passionate about this aspect of Design-Build. We listen to our clients. We understand their hopes, dreams, and desires. And we are driven with a laser-sharp focus on bringing their vision to reality. Many design firms push a one-size-fits-all design agenda onto homeowners. Other times, designers focus on their own portfolio, trying to design projects with the intent of getting published instead of truly listening and interpreting the needs of the client.

*FMI 2018 Design-Build Combined Market Study Results