Our philosophy is to talk about the budget—early and often. We want our clients to be pursuing a tangible and attainable goal and not waste time and money on a project that is completely outside of their comfort level. (This approach doesn’t serve anyone, except maybe the ego of a designer or the bank account of an architect). Our clients are given realistic budget facts and figures as early as the initial in-home consultation. By the middle of Phase I (Feasibility), each client receives a working budget, based on their exact floor plan, remodel scope, fixture selection, and material choices. Most architects do not provide this. Most interior designers wait until the end, and even then, only provide material costs. And most builders only know how to advise on labor. Our approach educates clients on the full cost to build—including land improvements when needed, city fees, all design and engineering costs, all materials, and all labor. In short, we equip homeowners with a full, comprehensive understanding of their project, and by working out all of the financial moving parts in the beginning, they are empowered and confident throughout the entire process. Knowledge is power!