Integrate these ideas into your design for a more functional and inviting laundry room

Yes, doing laundry is a chore, but it doesn’t have to be something to dread. A well-designed room with functional areas for washing, sorting, folding and drying paired with thoughtful style that puts a smile on your face goes a long way toward making laundry day something to look forward to, or at least not such a downer. Here, five laundry rooms showcase fun ideas that might get your space spinning. (And fans of top-loaders, please note that several of these ideas can work with those machines.)

5. Patterned Floor Tile

 Beth Booth of Spaces Renewed
Location: Oceanside, California
Size: 75 square feet (7 square meters); 10 by 7½ feet

Homeowners’ request. An inviting, creative and inspiring space. “No one likes to do laundry, but we felt that if the space was designed with intention, the owner would love to do laundry again,” designer Beth Booth says.

Main feature. Handmade cement floor tile. “Everything else was based off the pattern and tone of the floor,” Booth says.

Other special features. Seafoam green cabinets and floating shelves (Beach Glass by Benjamin Moore). “What you don’t see in this photo is that there’s actually a built-in mini fridge, because sometimes the laundry room becomes a mom’s temporary getaway oasis,” Booth says.

Designer tip. “The color of the cabinets took this room from somewhat small with limited natural light to a fun and bright space,” Booth says. “The color is so unique, carrying a coastal vibe but also [bridging] the gap between vintage and modern.”

Milano Remy floor tile in Damsel pattern, 8 by 8 inches: Fancy Design Group; Foggy Day wall paint: Dunn-Edwards Paints; custom cabinets: San Diego Custom CabinetsTrinsic faucet in matte black: Delta