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Hello, we are Spaces Renewed – thank you for taking a moment to get to know us!  Living in Southern California offers an exceptional opportunity to experience the fullness of life – gorgeous weather, sand and surf, restaurants that offer every cuisine known to humanity, outdoor activities galore, and a diversified population that reflects a rich tapestry of every culture and ethnicity.

There is one more perk about Southern California that we, at Spaces Renewed, would like to include:  our home building and home renovating firm, located in Oceanside!  We delight in offering our home design and home build services to California families in Carlsbad and other communities.  If you have the desire to build a new home or have been thinking of renovating your current home or adding square footage, we have some interesting information to share!

Let the Dreams Become Fulfilled

At Spaces Renewed, there is one thing, in particular, we love to do:  take people’s dreams of beautifying their home environments – indoors and outdoors – and turning those inspirations into realities!  It all begins, here, with the owners and directors of Spaces Renewed, Marshall and Beth.

We, along with our incredibly talented team members, deliver high-end design, innovative floor plan concepts, and attention to detail that would make most other builders and renovators cringe.   Unfortunately, not all construction firms place a high premium on quality and distinction but we, most certainly, do!

The quality, vibrancy, and personality of a home can play an immense role on how one feels, day to day, as well as how one, positively, interacts with others.  Imagine, for a moment, a waterfall in your backyard with the water cascading into a pool, below – a personal oasis – something any family would relish day in and day out.

Or, have you thought of transforming that empty space into an in-home theater? – Popcorn, anyone?  The escapism generated by an in-home theater can be extremely therapeutic – a chance to unwind, regroup and recharge – with those you love.

Let’s add on one more idea, for good measure –  an outdoor living space – whether simple or sophisticated – where family and friends can connect while the burgers are on the grill of the outdoor kitchen.  It’s here where no mobile phones are allowed and people actually chat and laugh with one another – for hours!  Imagine a cozy sitting area, an overhead pergola and, of course, a centralized fire pit.  Get out the ingredients for S’mores, ‘cuz the kids are gonna want ’em!

Regardless of how you might imagine building a custom home or how you might imagine transforming your current home, we all deserve a bit of luxuriant living, especially when it pays off in big ways – mentally and emotionally.  The wonderful thing is, your current home can become the dream home you’ve always wanted!

At Spaces Renewed, we’re all about beautifying homes with form and function that will uplift, engage, entertain, sooth and connect – it’s about enhancing home environments that bring family and friends together!

Looking for a Build Site?

Purchasing an ideal site to build a custom home requires a fair amount of research after the lot is located.  Any lot will come with any number of disclosures that could involve liens, whether or not the soil is suitable to build on, or other issues that would need to be investigated.

As a home builder and renovator, Spaces Renewed offers expertise in land acquisition, as well.  We would examine all the disclosures and review the city’s historical records pertaining to the property.  A comprehensive analysis would be shared with the respective client who could, then, determine if the particular lot would be in their best interest.

What Do We Offer Our Carlsbad Clients?

We Offer Simplicity

At Spaces Renewed, we offer our Carlsbad clientele simplicity and peace-of-mind.  We provide our ‘one-point contact’, from concept to completion.  Our clients feel the ease of the home build or home renovation process knowing their one contact is all they need!

We Offer Varying Disciplines

Marshall Booth – President and Director of Operations for Spaces Renewed – is not only an expert with General Construction, he is certified with Chief Architect home-design software.  This allows the constructing of virtual remodels, exterior elevations, additional plans, and more through next-generation technologies.  Marshall, also, serves as the lead drafter for architectural renderings.  As a result, Carlsbad clients reap the benefits of receiving the highest level of knowledge, problem solving, and cohesive planning.

Beth Booth – our design-expert extraordinaire– masterfully utilizes design principles and takes them where most people would never imagine!  Beth is certified from the National Kitchen & Bath Association for Design and the American Society of Interior Designers.  Her impressive portfolio showcases her creations – from Ultra-Modern to Transitional to Spanish to Modern Farmhouse, and much more.  Beth provides her clients with tantalizing, sneak-peeks of what their finished projects will look like via virtual 3D renderings!

We Offer the Utmost Quality

Our preeminent standards for excellence determine how we operate and the products and materials we select.  We consider only the finest materials from the most selective manufacturers locally, nationally, and around the world.  From dynamic countertops to exquisite wood flooring to innovative lighting systems, you can be assured the products and materials chosen for our home building or home renovations are unsurpassed in quality, aesthetics, design, and function.

We Offer Applauded Recognition

From Modern Luxury Magazine to HomeBunch to SD Voyager Magazine to Houzz, Spaces Renewed has received notable recognition by experts within the home-building and home-design industries.  Spaces Renewed continues to build its legacy of setting trends and standards with award-winning homes that generate lifestyles of distinction, for our Carlsbad families.

Whether you’re California dreamin’ of amenities that might include a wine cellar, a huge walk-in shower with head-to-toe shower jets, or a home spa with a steam shower and chromotherapy tub, Spaces Renewed delivers breath-taking designs, styles, colors, textures, and opulence that will stimulate your senses and make you want to never leave home!

We Offer Integrity

As a home builder and home renovator, ensuring our clients’ needs and expectations are met, down to the slightest request, is a priority.  We continually embrace the four ‘Cs’ of cooperation, collaboration, coordination and communication.  Through it all, we remain available for our clients – it’s what our Carlsbad patrons deserve!  They trust our promises, our transparency and our availability – we will not let them down!

We Would Love to Hear From You!

You can reach Spaces Renewed by:

  • Calling our team at (760) 637-2175 for, immediate, feedback regarding your inquiries
  • Visiting spacesrenewed.com for additional information
  • Responding to our website’s ‘Contact Us’ page
  • Sending comments or questions to BBooth@SpacesRenewed.com


Please Note


During this unprecedented time, Spaces Renewed continues to serve our Carlsbad residents with their home-building and home-renovation needs.  As we remain in full compliance with the State of California’s mandates, we are deemed an essential business and continue to implement specific safeguards to ensure the health, safety, and well-being of all – our clients, our employees, and our families.  We will continue to serve you, without fail, as we look forward to resuming ‘business as usual’!