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Thank you for dropping by – this is where home-building and home-renovation dreams come true, and  Spaces Renewed welcomes you!  Is building a home in Del Mar on your wishlist?  Is renovating or re-imagining one or more areas of your current, home something you’re longing for?  Whatever your dream or desire, Spaces Renewed is a home builder serving Del Mar and other West Coast communities where luxuries and longings become realized! 

What are your dreams? – a whole-house renovation or, perhaps, transforming your bathroom into a spa-like personal oasis?  A huge walk-in shower with head-to-toe shower jets?  A rock-walled water-fall in your backyard?  Or, is your long-awaited dream a new home with amenities including a fully-automated home theater or cozy wine cellar?  The options for poshness are endless, and our commitment to making it happen for our Del Mar clients is set in stone.

As a home builder for Del Mar, Spaces Renewed offers a gifted team of home-design masterminds who have a passion for their niche talents.  We are husband and wife who work hand-in-glove with artisans who offer their expertise in design principles and building sciences.  When it comes to building, renovating, re-inventing, or re-imagining, we bring each Del Mar request to fabulous fulfillment!

From Outdated to Outrageous!  

Spacious, airy open-floor designs have kicked boxed-in spaces to the curb.  Gone are the days of smaller rooms with limited flow and stagnated imaginations.  At Spaces Renewed, we breathe new life into outdated areas with results that are outrageously stunning!  For example, we can replace boring, load-bearing walls with exposed, massive, heavy-duty beams.  Sight-lines from the kitchen into the main living area become seamless, full-flowing, and uninterrupted.

Is that empty backyard longing for the taste of an old-world courtyard with brick walkways and a large fire pit?  Or, how about an expansive dressing room off the master suite – complete with storage space, walls lined with cedar shelves, and plenty of lighting and mirrors?  A steam/meditation room, or private bar, perhaps?  

Whatever your dream might be, we passionately embrace the notion of home building and home renovating being an exquisite orchestration of artisan craftsmanship and scientific precision.  In the end, it’s all about living with luxury that is all yours!  It’s time to celebrate life through beautifying and bettering one’s personal spaces, called home.     

Looking for a Build Site?

Procuring an idyllic build site for your custom home means one must be aware of attached disclosures. Is that lovely lot free of liens?  Are the soil conditions conducive for a home build?  Is the lot’s market value too high?  The answers to these questions, and more, would need to be researched. 

Our investigative team examines these types of disclosures by reviewing the city’s historical records pertaining to various properties.  We provide comprehensive assessments to our Del Mar clients who, then, determine if the lot is a good fit for them.

What Do We Offer Our Del Mar Clients?

We Offer Simplicity

At Spaces Renewed, we offer our Del Mar clientele simplicity and peace-of-mind.  We provide our ‘one-point contact’, from concept to completion.  Our clients feel the ease of the home build or renovation process knowing their one contact is all they need!   

We Offer Varying Disciplines 

Marshall Booth – President and Director of Operations for Spaces Renewed – is an expert with General Construction and is certified with Chief Architect home-design software.  This allows the constructing of virtual remodels, exterior elevations, additional plans, and more through next-generation technologies.  Client excitement builds once they see what is to come!  Marshall, also, serves as the lead drafter for architectural renderings.  This means Del Mar clients reap the benefits of receiving the highest level of knowledge, problem solving, and cohesive planning.

Beth Booth – our design-expert extraordinaire– masterfully utilizes design principles and takes them where most people would never imagine!  Beth is certified with the National Kitchen & Bath Association for Design and the American Society of Interior Designers.  Her impressive portfolio showcases her creations – from Ultra-Modern to Transitional to Spanish to Modern Farmhouse, and much more.  Beth provides her clients with tantalizing, sneak-peeks of what their finished projects will look like via virtual 3D renderings! 

We Offer Premier Quality

Our preeminent standards for excellence are the driving force behind everything we do and every product we select.  We consider only the finest materials from select manufacturers locally, nationally, and around the world.  From dynamic countertops to exquisite wood flooring to innovative lighting systems, the products and materials chosen for our home building or home renovations are unsurpassed in quality, aesthetics, design, and function. 

We Offer Applauded Recognition

From Modern Luxury Magazine to HomeBunch to SD Voyager Magazine to Houzz, Spaces Renewed has received notable recognition by experts within the home-building and home-design industries.  Spaces Renewed continues to build its legacy of setting trends and standards with award-winning homes that generate lifestyles of distinction, for Del Mar families.  Spaces Renewed delivers breath-taking designs, styles, colors, textures, and opulence that captivate!

We Offer Integrity

As a home builder and home renovator, making sure our clients’ needs and expectations are met, down to the slightest request, is a priority.  Through cooperation, collaboration, coordination and communication, we remain available for our clients, continually.  Our Del Mar patrons trust our promises, our transparency and our availability – we will not compromise!

We Would Love to Hear From You!

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Please Note:

During this unprecedented time, Spaces Renewed continues to serve our Del Mar residents with their home-building and home-renovation needs.  As we remain in full compliance with the State of California’s mandates, we are deemed an essential business and continue to implement specific safeguards to ensure the health, safety, and well-being of all – our clients, our employees, and our families.  We will continue to serve you, without fail, as we look forward to resuming ‘business as usual’!