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Hello!  If you are contemplating building a home or are imagining how outdated, ineffective living spaces can become dynamically redesigned, your search for a home builder, who does it all, ends right here – welcome to Spaces Renewed!  

We serve San Diego and a host of other West Coast communities, and offer a crème de la crème caliber of workmanship that is, truly, unsurpassed.  Our finished work – whether a home build or a renovation/redesign – delivers ambiances that resonate for decades.  From large entryways and beautifully-adorned staircases to hidden walk-in pantries and expansive outdoor kitchens, Spaces Renewed is in the business of creating luxury that is meant to be bathed in!  

Join us, for a moment, as we share the exquisite quality of our work generated by a team of exceptional professionals.  As a home builder for San Diego, we won’t settle for the beaten path but, rather, think, see, and perform outside the box – we turn what is ‘ordinary’ into ‘extraordinary’!  Whatever your desire and whatever your dream, it is the end result that is, always, the highlight of the journey.  When our San Diego clients ‘Ooh’ and ‘Aww’ over what they see, it reinforces our passion for what we do! 

Looking for Land for a Home-Build Site?

Finding land for a new-home site can have its challenges.  Availability can be an issue and so can the attached disclosures.  Disclosures can reveal liens or other issues which must be researched and rectified, if necessary.  Spaces Renewed can do this for you!  

We exhaustively research all the disclosures and review the city’s historical records pertaining to the property.  Upon completion of that, we share a thorough assessment to our San Diego clients who, then, determine if the build site is a good fit.  

Our San Diego Clients Reap the Benefits!

Our San Diego patrons place their faith in us due to: 

Our Simplicity

Spaces Renewed offers its San Diego clientele peace-of-mind.  We provide our ‘one-point contact’, from concept to completion.  This ensures a seamless home-building and home-renovation experience.  Our clients feel the ease of the process knowing their one contact is all they need!       

Our Varying Disciplines 

Marshall Booth – President and Director of Operations for Spaces Renewed – is an expert with General Construction and is certified with Chief Architect home-design software.  This allows for the construction of virtual remodels, exterior elevations, additional plans, and more.  When shared with clients, the excitement escalates!  Marshall, also, serves as the lead drafter for architectural renderings.  Our San Diego clients reap the benefits of the highest level of knowledge, problem solving, and cohesive planning!

Beth Booth – our design-expert extraordinaire– offers her incredible talents in design principles involving aesthetics, function, and flow.  Beth is certified with the National Kitchen & Bath Association for Design and the American Society of Interior Designers.  Her portfolio showcases her creations – from Ultra-Modern to Transitional to Spanish to Modern Farmhouse, and much more.  Beth provides her clients with tantalizing, sneak-peeks of what their finished projects will look like, via virtual 3D renderings.  Let the fun begin!

Our Uncompromising Quality

Spaces Renewed selects only the finest materials from the most premier manufacturers locally, nationally, and around the world.  From dynamic countertops to exquisite wood flooring to innovative lighting systems, you can be assured the products and materials we utilize for our home-building or home-renovation endeavors are of superior distinction. 

Our Applauded Recognition

From Modern Luxury Magazine to HomeBunch to SD Voyager Magazine to Houzz, Spaces Renewed has been eminently recognized by experts within the home building and home design industries.  Spaces Renewed continues to build its legacy of setting trends and standards with award-winning homes that generate lifestyles of distinction for San Diego families.

Whether you’re California dreamin’ of a gorgeous veranda that would saturate your home in natural light or a new home with a backyard waterfall, Spaces Renewed delivers breath-taking designs, styles, colors, textures, and intriguing options that will invade your senses and astound you!

Our Integrity

As a home builder for San Diego and beyond, our clients’ needs and expectations are met, down to the slightest request.  Through cooperation, collaboration, coordination and communication, we remain available for every client throughout the entire home-build or home-renovation journey.  San Diego trusts our promises, our transparency and our availability!

We Would Love to Hear From You!

You can reach Spaces Renewed by: 

Please Note

During this unprecedented time, Spaces Renewed continues to serve its San Diego residents with their home-building and home-renovation requests.  As we remain in full compliance with the State of California’s mandates, we are deemed an essential business and continue to implement specific safeguards to ensure the health, safety, and well-being of all – our clients, our employees, and our families.  We will continue to serve you, without fail, as we look forward to resuming ‘business as usual’!