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Whether you’re in the market for a single-room renovation, looking to purchase land or just a way to spruce up your outdoor living space, we are excited you’ve stopped by Spaces Renewed, the husband-and-wife team dedicated to making your dream home a reality.  With commitment to delivering unmatched work and customer service, we have a team passionate about fulfilling the vision of our clients.  Furthermore, with an extensive portfolio of coastal home renovations under our belt, we have the ability to not just manage your next renovation, but to remove the stress and headaches that often come with similar construction projects.

During our time in business, we’re pretty proud of the attention we’ve received from such publications as Home Builder Digest who referred to our “impressive body of work”, “exceptional construction” and our history of being “repeatedly proven effective”.  With our work being previously featured in Home Bunch and Houzz Magazine, we are thought leaders in the industry.  In fact, our co-owner, Beth Booth, discussed her experiences and the insight she has gained for SDVoyager.

Our Process – From Concept to Completion

In delivering your vision to you from Concept to Completion, Spaces Renewed can serve as your one stop shop for each of your renovation projects.  Our multidisciplinary specialists utilize their unique skill set and robust qualifications to transform your house into the home you’ve always wanted.  We aren’t happy unless your vision has become a reality, and we look forward to helping you benefit from our dedication!


All good things start with a strong plan, after all, it’s the foundation of what is to come.  No matter where you are in your planning, we can help.  So, whether you have a vague idea of what you want or you have the blueprints printed and ready, our team is capable of putting your plans into action after we’ve spent an adequate time providing consultation.  The first step is to simply spend time in your home learning from you so that we can better understand your interests, taste and needs to help maximize our understanding of your desires.  Our professionals will listen to you and ask helpful questions to help produce a clear picture of what you want.  We’ll also discuss project budget and begin outlining a schedule so you never feel out of the loop during our process.


Efficient, effective, accurate—all of these should be part of anyone’s design process, and with Spaces Renewed, we think you’ll find these traits to be on a higher level than you’ve likely experienced in the past.  With our advanced 3D modeling, we can help you, in real-time, make adjustments on the spot, send updated notes and manage the process for you.  Streamlining our approach, we are able to provide comprehensive plans while catching details others may miss.  That’s the hallmark of our “hands-on” approach to design.  Working with you through each step, our collaboration will help your vision come to life.


By ordering materials and making sure they arrive on time, we’ve cut out the uncertainty that can stall projects in the planning phase.  We take care of ordering all the necessary materials and items necessary based on your plan.  With fully integrated management software, the builder, designer and client can all transparently examine all project details, disclosures, and drawings applicable to your project.


While many building sites become the place of compromise, our building process is intentionally and decidedly different.  We don’t just take the quality design and give it to a skilled crew, we provide a combination of employees and subcontractors that will be onsite during construction, ensuring your plans come to fruition and avoiding the design changes and shortcuts tradesmen sometimes use for the sake of expediency.  We also don’t leave you in the dark, but instead, we will be there to answer your questions as they occur to help you through the process while providing care and detailed attention to your renovation.

All-in-One Design + Build Services

Whole Home Renovation

Remodeling your home is a complex task, but it’s one we excel at.  We take the burden of the project off your shoulders, and with our comprehensive management software and intricate design process, we’ll make sure all the details are considered before ground is broken.  Providing a seamlessly integrated Design + Build process, we are able to be your point of contact and deliver the best possible outcome.  Many find this process to be disjointed and filled with gaps when utilizing other firms, but those fumbled details and scheduling delays won’t be part of your experience with Spaces Renewed.

Kitchen & Bathroom Renovation

Want to increase resale value?  There isn’t a better place to spend your time than renovating your kitchen or bathroom.  With our National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) certification, our talented and reputable crew can help.  From adding modern conveniences to increasing storage or space, we can deliver a first rate kitchen or bathroom renovation you’ve been pining for.  And utilizing our 3D rendering software, you can see what your renovation will look like before it even occurs!

New Construction & Lot/Land Acquisitions

Sometimes the best place to start is from scratch.  With our advanced experience helping others find the right piece of land or lot for purchase, we can help you get off on the right foot by utilizing our Design + Build approach.  With professionals to guide you through planning, engineering and required permitting, we unify these experts into one team, your team.

Outdoor Living

Summer may have ended, but that doesn’t mean you want to be indoors.  By reimagining your outdoor space with comfort and style in mind, we can help you enjoy your outdoors like never before.  Whether you are looking to add a tropical pool and spa, California Room, outdoor kitchen, or fireplace, we can completely transform your backdoor into an oasis.  With quality of life installations such as outdoor heaters and overhead lighting and fans, you can enjoy the great outdoors along with the comforts of home all 12 months out of the year!

Room Additions

While building a new room may seem like adding a few walls and a door, we take it to another level when adding onto your house with additional rooms.  We strive to make each new space feel original to the house while matching it to your desire and specifications.  We can also provide custom touches such as built-in niches, bookcases, fireplaces, and window seats.  It’ll be awhile before you run out of options available for your next room addition.

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During this unprecedented time, Spaces Renewed is still open and providing service to Encinitas residents for their home-building or renovation needs.  Adhering to the State of California’s mandates, we are an essential business and continue to implement necessary safeguards to ensure the health, safety and well-being of all our clients, employees and families.  While we wish it was ‘business as usual’, we can still provide the same great service you seek.