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The past year has taught us a lot about being adaptable.  How you managed restrictions, work guidelines and anything else in your life may have shown you a thing or two about your home.  After spending so much time cooped up, you may have realized you need more space, or at least, a better use of the space.  In addition, as the world returns to normal, the used home buying market has become a volatile one with many people overpaying for a house that only hits some of their must-haves.  That isn’t a sacrifice you should make, and by having a custom home, built to your exacting standards, it won’t be.  When you engage Spaces Renewed, you’ll benefit from working with a trusted design and home build firm.  As home owners ourselves, we know what goes into the buyer’s experience, and as highly sought-after contractors, we understand what should go into the planning side as well.  We bring this insight together to bring you into your dream home.

We are a husband-and-wife owned firm, and we specialize in highly tailored homes that fit each client’s expectations.  We’ve worked in the Carlsbad area for years, so we also understand the community.  As we work with you, you’ll receive our integrated project approach, meaning you’ll be connected with an architect, designer and contractor who are all under the same roof.  This saves you time and means you’ll receive a unified team effort rather than competing agendas and differing opinions.

We believe the time we’ve been in business has helped us support and sustain the claims we make and it’s helped us build a reputation for excellence.  As trusted industry leaders, our work has been featured in industry publications such as Home Builder Digest, Home Bunch, Houzz Magazine.  Co-owner, Beth Booth, was also interviewed by SDVoyager to discuss industry insights gained from her unique experiences.  We also had an open house event and Modern Luxury Magazine decided to stop by.

Beyond positive press coverage, we are equally proud of what our actual clients have to say:

“We are extremely happy with our remodel, thanks to Spaces Renewed.  Marshall and Beth are so passionate about what they do, and that passion produces amazing results.  Their planning and attention to detail were evident from the day we met them and continued throughout our entire project.  SR crew of professionals and tradespeople were all respectful, friendly, and communicative, which made it just a bit easier for us since we continued to live in our house during the entire 4-month process.”

– Daphne D.

Design + Build, Integrated + Elevated


By conducting a thorough, efficient and thoughtful consultation, we can help you receive more information to help you begin making decisions while also informing us about you.  Since we truly produce custom built homes, this consultation is vital in our ability to carve out your dream home.  We’ll also appreciate getting to spend consultation time in your current home, so we can learn about it and why it no longer fits your needs.  We’ll perform a comprehensive assessment that starts filling in the blanks so we can begin providing the guidance you need as you determine goals for the project.  Our understanding of what you need and want is vital to our ability to deliver it, so as we consult with you, we can also begin outlining scheduling and budget details.


When you select Spaces Renewed, we think our design project phase will really stand out.  Part of this is because our integrated approach puts you into contact with your team’s leaders early on.  You’ll be able to ask questions and get informed opinions about your design preferences.  But the real value is in our project management software, which allows you to enter a new level of understanding and immersion when it comes to your new home.  Instead of reading technical blueprints that leave a lot to the imagination, you’ll be able to see your space in a fully rendered 3D model.  This allows you to see each room as though you were standing directly in it.  Furthermore, as you consider style changes, you’ll be able to incorporate them into the plan on-the-fly instead of waiting for days for a service professional to add that change to the blueprint draft.  This connects you more intimately with the project, and helps reduce the potential for unwanted surprises.


As we begin to finalize plans, it is vital to make sure everything for the project is in place for construction to begin.  During the planning phase, you’ll work on finalizing details using our software and providing necessary disclosures.  This will be done while you are still in regular contact and have access to your designer and builder, so you won’t be left on your own to make important decisions you aren’t comfortable with.  In addition, as you finalize details, we special order materials, schedule their delivery and perform quality control checks on materials.  This helps us confirm we are able to meet your expectations.


Until the final touch is applied, we don’t take our foot off the gas.  This means, we manage the actual building phase with great care.  Too many construction companies allow unapproved changes to occur that make it easier to meet a deadline or pass inspection, but may drastically change your home, or at least your satisfaction with it.  Spaces Renewed uses a combination of our own trusted professionals and reputable subcontractors, so your team will understand the exacting standards you’ve set forth and work to match it accordingly.

We Look Forward to Hearing From You

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