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Looking for a kitchen remodel contractor in San Diego?

The kitchen is a focal point in every home as many gather to share meals, have conversations, check the refrigerator about 15 times a day and so on. The kitchen is a high foot traffic area in the house, and if it is not up to par with what you want for your house, it is time for a kitchen remodel.

According to NKBA Report, the average kitchen remodels cost anywhere from $50,000-$350,000 in San Diego and shows a return of investment (ROI) up to 60 per cent. Other than the ROI plus, homeowners are left with a deep sense of satisfaction with the results of a modern kitchen design. Where to begin on this kitchen remodel and renovation? The best place to start is with a kitchen remodel checklist. This list is broken down into three main sections: Planning, budget, and specifics of what will go into your dream kitchen remodel.


Create a timeline, and budget, interview kitchen remodel contractors, set goals, prioritize, and make a Pinterest idea and inspiration board. It begins with finding the best contractor to do a skilled kitchen remodel and renovation job. When searching “Best Quality Contractor for Kitchen Remodels”, be specific. Try “Kitchen Remodel Contractor in Rancho Santa Fe, California”; for example, if your kitchen is on the smaller side, you might search for something like “Small Space Kitchen Remodel”. Be sure to consider 2-3 contractors before deciding who to trust with your kitchen design.


Home owners will want to create a budget including the following: cabinets, countertops, sink, faucet, fixtures, knobs, flooring, paint, appliances, labor, accessories, and extras/miscellaneous.


  • Cabinets: Consider the desired color, style, and cabinet supplier.
  • Walls: The paint color is the first item to check off the category list, and then the kitchen backsplash and supplier or brand.
  • Countertops: Select your type of material for your kitchen countertops. For example, would you like marble countertops or granite countertops? You can request countertop samples and materials from the supplier or venture to home depot for a wide variety of options.
  • Flooring: Remodelers will want to select their preferred type and supplier again. This can range from “Maple Solid Hardwood” or “Mercado Blue Porcelain”. This is a fun part of the selection process as the floor ties in the completed look. When the countertops and the floor gel together, it is remodel heaven!
  • Fixtures: The kitchen fixtures include the sink, faucet and knobs. They may seem minor, but many homeowners who put their finances, aspirations and creative liberties into a full kitchen design and remodel care about the little details. Kitchen faucets can add value to the home in many ways regarding functionality. Touchless faucets are sounding necessary right now.
  • Accessories/Extras: The last part of the checklist is to finish by accessorizing. All homeowners going through a remodel process love this part. The final step also brings the remodel to the finishing touches. Pull out your interior designer hat and consider the decorations added to the kitchen. Plants can add value to the kitchen and will also aid in cleansing the air and removing any toxins.

Is a kitchen remodel next on your to do list for your home? I hope this article was helpful in sorting out the details for your dream kitchen. It is now time to introduce your home to the latest kitchen trends for your design build. Cheers to many wonderful memories and meals that will be made in your new kitchen.