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Whether you’re looking to massively improve the features, storage and fittings in your bathroom, or you’re just looking to build equity efficiently in your home, selecting the right remodeler and renovator is an essential step.  Sure, you want fair prices and quality work, but meeting important timelines and not suffering from on-site compromises are also key to the project.  Welcome to Spaces Renewed, the husband-and-wife-owned home design firm with National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) certification.  While we meet the traditional standards expected of a bathroom renovation team, we go beyond these qualifications to deliver an unparalleled customer experience.  We are excited you stopped by, and we think you’ll be excited when you learn more about what we can do for you.

Starting with the premise that your master bathroom should be an oasis that you can relax in and find rejuvenation in, we’ve been delivering La Jolla residents with just that for years.  We are a full service firm, capable of being with you from the very beginning all the way to the end, and we understand our duty is to deliver the dream bathroom you’ve always wanted while handling the minutia along the way.  Our reputation is solid, and our work regularly gets noticed.  In fact, our work and attention to detail has been noted by leading industry publications including Home Builder Digest, Home Bunch and Houzz Magazine.  Additionally, co-owner Beth Booth sat down for an interview with SDVoyager to discuss insights she’s gained from her years in business.  At a recent open house, our work was even showcased in Modern Luxury Magazine.

An Integrated Approach

From designer to contractor, engineer to architect, we present a unified team approach to help prevent miscommunication and conflicting ideas.  We deliver a thorough service approach and remain committed to delivering consistent and clear communication so those we serve are never left in the dark.  Our aim is to elevate your vision while delivering on your initial vision.

To do this, we leave preconceived notions and generic blueprints at the door, so you’ll be able to have incredible control over the design and features your bathroom receives.  We also help you determine a clear budget to help reduce anxiety and uncertainty that many others feel when working with a design firm.  We believe your bathroom should feel like an at-home spa, and with our dedicated and detailed approach, you can look forward to your future bathroom.  

Design + Build

Our Design + Build approach is more than just a slogan; it forms the basis of what we do.  As a boutique design firm, we provide a tailored service approach using our intuitive project management software and time-tested processes.  Serving as your single point-of-contact, we’ll manage the entire project while implementing your choices and preferences.  This alleviates the disjointed feelings other firms provide, as we work to set clear, actionable objectives, clearly communicate with you and the renovation team and meet agreed-upon timelines.

Working through our four step process, we’ll first spend consultation time in your home where we can learn more about you, your house and what your ultimate goals are.  Afterward, we progress to the design stage where you and our professionals will share ideas and make on-the-fly adjustments as you wish.  Our advanced management and design software make this a breeze, and you won’t have to wait for official contractor notes to be completed.  Once we begin the planning, we, not you, will manage the ordering of materials and perform quality control checks on everything to make sure it is up to yours and our standards.  As we move on to the final stages and actually begin the building phase, we’ll be there, on-site, to make sure your specifications are met.  We work to prevent compromises being made to speed up the project or make it easier.  You’ll receive the renovation you agreed to.  We believe that with our orderly and transparent processes, you’ll be pleased by our fast timeline and completely thrilled with the renovation you receive.

We Would Love to Hear from You!

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Please Note

As we continue to face this unprecedented time, Spaces Renewed is pleased to inform you that as an essential business, we are currently providing service in the La Jolla area.  We remain in accordance with the State of California’s mandates and continue to implement necessary safeguards to ensure the health, safety and well-being of all our clients, employees and families.  While we wish it was ‘business as usual’, we can still provide the same great service you seek.