Kitchen Renovation Del Mar

In the past, the living room was often thought of as the heart of the home, but with demanding schedules, reduced time relaxing and the growing number of cooking hobbyists, the kitchen has taken the crown.  Your kitchen may be important to you because of the important meals prepared there or because it’s the only place the entire family ever sits down for a meal.  Whatever your reasons for loving your kitchen, the reality is that most people have a number of ideas they’d love to see implemented through renovation.  Serving the Del Mar area for years, Spaces Renewed understands the importance of a kitchen, and the difference a remodel can have on your overall satisfaction with it.

In addition to its importance to a family, the kitchen is the number one way to build equity in a home, so when considering changes, it’s important to work with a firm that knows it isn’t just about making the project look pretty, it’s about doing all the necessary work in the background to make it a worthwhile investment.  With certification from the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA), we pay attention to industry trends and innovation so that our methods are always up to date and forward-thinking.  When we work with you, we’ll take this dedication and expertise, and apply it to your project.  Furthermore, as a full-service construction firm, we can offer kitchen renovations that some others cannot.  You won’t have to deal with limited options because of a wall or cabinetry you think cannot be removed.  We’ll have a range of options for you to consider that can completely reimagine the entire kitchen from top to bottom.

We are incredibly proud of the reputation we’ve built.  As a husband-and-wife-owned home design firm and as home-owners ourselves, we appreciate all that goes into optimizing a home without losing the charm that made you originally fall in love with it.  The care has led to a strong reputation.  We have had our work showcased in leading industry publications including Home Builder Digest, Home Bunch and Houzz Magazine.  Furthermore, SDVoyager spoke with co-owner Beth Booth to discuss insights she’s while working in the industry.  Our work was even showcased in Modern Luxury Magazine during an open house.  

But it’s what our clients say that makes us the most satisfied:  

“Spaces Renewed turned our non-descript kitchen into something you would find in a magazine.  We loved working with Beth and Marshall as they helped us turn our ideas into reality and our dream kitchen. Beth has great skill in figuring out the small details to get the most of our new kitchen space and really worked to make our kitchen be both beautiful and functional.  Marshall planned every step of the project and kept the crew working on an exact timeline to get our project completed in a timely manner.  We highly recommend Spaces Renewed.”

– Amelia T.

Your Vision, Elevated

We use a completely integrated approach which means we’ll serve as your one point of contact from start to finish.  We do this by bringing together professionals to manage the design, architecture, construction and more all under one roof.  In addition, we provide various project efficiencies we’ve developed through our years of service.  


By starting on the right foot, we can conduct a smooth process that makes sure your voice is heard throughout and we are able to meet deadlines.  Starting with consultation, we’ll spend time learning from you in your own home.  We conduct a thorough assessment and ask pointed questions.  This isn’t an interrogation, we are just trying to learn as much as possible about your tastes, preferences, goals.  We come to you with various ideas once we spend time in your home, but we also listen to what you want.  You won’t have to worry about generic options being presented or being ignored.  However far into the planning you may be, we are here to partner with you to bring this project to life.  Also, we can answer your questions regarding timelines and budget, so you’ll be informed of important details throughout.


Once it’s time to begin the design, our efficiency and detailed nature really jumps off the page.  As a premier firm, we utilize an advanced project management software that is capable of complex tasks, but also is intuitive to use.  Once here, we’ll provide you with a fully rendered 3D model of your kitchen so that you can see what the project will look like.  At the same time, you’ll be able to make various changes in the moment and see in real-time the effect they have on the project.  Whereas traditional firms allow you to make these changes only after planning the markup and eventually incorporating them into your plans, you’ll be able to do it all in the moment with a trusted professional by your side.


Before we break ground, we need to finalize plans and order materials.  Since we are a one-stop shop for such things, the planning process is simple as well.  You’ll be in contact with the designer and builder as you begin finalizing plans.  While this occurs, we’ll be special ordering materials, scheduling delivery and performing quality control checks to make sure everything is how you want it.  This fully integrated process continues to provide efficiency as you remain closely in contact with important team members.


Your satisfaction is still on the line until the project is complete, and we know the pressure that puts on us.  To avoid the various headaches that frequently rear their heads during the building phase, we seek to raise and set the bar for the industry.  We take the design you’ve developed with great care and have our trusted combination of employees and subcontractors carry it out.  You’ll benefit from not facing unspoken compromises being made without your consent by tradesmen who just want to complete the job.  We’ll be there throughout, and if situations change and possible alternatives need to be explored, you can rely on us to produce those or listen to your ideas and figure out a way to make them happen.

We are confident this approach offers us a unique perspective and place in the industry.  More importantly, we think this process will help you receive your dream kitchen in a cost-conscious and efficient manner.

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As we continue to face this unprecedented time, Spaces Renewed is pleased to inform you that as an essential business, we are currently providing service in the La Jolla area.  We remain in accordance with the State of California’s mandates and continue to implement necessary safeguards to ensure the health, safety and well-being of all our clients, employees and families.  While we wish it was ‘business as usual’, we can still provide the same great service you seek.