Kitchen Renovation Rancho Santa Fe

When homeowners plan or just fantasize about home renovations, the kitchen typically tops the list.  Considering that improvements to a kitchen have proven to be the leading way to build equity, it’s no surprise.  There are plenty of firms that make impressive claims about what they can provide, at Spaces Renewed, we let our work and the positive words of others speak for themselves.  Our trusted reputation has helped us prove that quality work and commitment to delivering on customer expectations is the best way to gain and retain clients, but don’t take our word for it.  Here is what one of our customers had to say:

 “We had such an amazing experience.  The entire building process, from design to completion was flawless.  We love our new home and we are beyond grateful to Spaces Renewed for building our dream home into a magnificent reality.”

– James & Sara Whitmore

We are happy you’ve decided to consider Spaces Renewed, a husband-and-wife-owned home design firm for your kitchen renovation project.  With our National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) certification, we deliver incredible kitchen improvements, and our work has been featured in various leading industry publications including Home Builder Digest, Home Bunch and Houzz Magazine.  Furthermore, SDVoyager recently interviewed co-owner Beth Booth to discuss insights she’s gained from her years in business.  Our work was even showcased in Modern Luxury Magazine during a recent open house.

An Integrated Approach

Our mantra at Spaces Renewed is that if you can imagine it, we can build it.  This means we can go beyond just improving your storage, adding cabinets or improving fixtures.  We think outside the box, so you won’t be limited by your current layout or existing walls.  We appreciate the benefits of modern conveniences and improved counter/prep space, so while we can meet, and hopefully exceed, your expectations, we want you to receive a boundless opportunity to improve the most important room in your home.  Leaving assumptions at the door, we build state of the art kitchens without disrupting the flow or overall aesthetic of your house.

Uniting your designer, contractor, engineer and architect all under one umbrella, our full-service firm presents a unified service experience and cuts down on wasted time and missed communication.  When working with Spaces Renewed, you’ll experience the benefits of “One Team, One Dream”, and the potential for savings that go with it.

We have a tireless pursuit to deliver the one-of-a-kind kitchen masterpiece that will make all of your cooking and family gathering moments more memorable.  Whether carving the turkey at Thanksgiving or just having your first cup of coffee in the morning, your dream kitchen can enhance all of these experiences.  We develop plans to make all of your renovation plans be seamlessly integrated into your house and avoid the traps and nuanced problems kitchen renovations frequently face.  Combining these traits with our backwards design, we’re likely to know potential problems before they become a reality.  This helps our clients know what they are getting because a surprise isn’t what you signed up for.

Design + Build

We’ve worked for years to perfect our craft, and with our unique Design + Build approach, we put this experience to work for you.  By investing time in quality consultation, we’ll spend time in your house with you, ask valuable questions and combine our knowledge with your wishes to start providing ideas.  We do not come to your home presuming we know what you want, and we leave boilerplate plans out in the cold.  We emphasize a tailored approach, customized to our clients’ wishes and needs.

Using advanced, yet intuitive software, we’ll start mapping out your renovations as we proceed to the design phase.  Here, you’ll be able to make design adjustments on the fly instead of having to wait for the notes to be passed through various team members and eventually being added to the plans.  When it comes to kitchens, there are endless possibilities, and we’ll be there to guide you through them, listening to you first, and also providing peace of mind you aren’t making these decisions in a vacuum.

As we advance to the planning phase, we manage the ordering of supplies and materials, and perform extensive quality control checks.  We confirm all project details are fully integrated using our project management software, allowing the team doing the renovations and you to see the comprehensive plan.  This also provides a clear avenue for communication, something we highly value in our work.

We take our “hands-on” approach very seriously, and that is never more important than during the final step, building.  As ground is broken, the number of questions that can arise can seem overwhelming, so our professionals will be on site to provide confidence in your wants and answers to your questions.  We’ll work to prevent on-site compromises that often occur with other firms.

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During this pandemic, Spaces Renewed is classified as an essential business, and we are still providing our services to the Rancho Santa Fe area.  Acting in accordance with the State of California’s mandates, we continue to implement necessary safeguards to ensure the health, safety and well-being of all our clients, employees and families.  While we wish it was ‘business as usual’, we can still provide the same great service you seek.