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In an increasingly complex world that is returning to some form of normalcy, the next few years are sure to have plenty of surprises packed in them.  It may be a growing family, a busy schedule or countless other issues causing you to need a new or better space to call home.  Whatever the cause, at Spaces Renewed, we believe we can offer you a unique experience, competitive pricing and ultimately, your dream home.  We don’t take any of this work lightly, and we’ve been building our reputation with each project we complete.  Regardless of what is causing you to consider a new home, we are excited you’ve stopped by to see what we can do for you.

While there are plenty of companies out there making big claims, at Spaces Renewed, we deliver on our promises and we feel our client service and approach is unmatched in the industry.  We are a husband-and-wife-owned design and home-build firm specializing in helping those we serve build the coastal home they’ve always wanted.

Our streamlined, thorough services are made possible with our Design + Build approach.  Our integrated service calls for discarding the typical disjointed team and competing agendas. Bringing together an entire qualified team to handle your project is how we’ve set ourselves apart in the industry.  We have built our reputation by exceeding client expectations every step of the way.  Home Builder Digest, Home Bunch, and Houzz Magazine confirm this.  In addition, as an industry thought leader, co-owner, Beth Booth did an exclusive interview with SDVoyager interviewed co-owner, Beth Booth to discuss her experiences and insights she’s gained.  Modern Luxury Magazine decided to stop by an open house we hosted last year.

Beyond positive press coverage, we are equally proud of what our actual clients have to say:

“We are extremely happy with our remodel, thanks to Spaces Renewed.  Marshall and Beth are so passionate about what they do, and that passion produces amazing results.  Their planning and attention to detail were evident from the day we met them and continued throughout our entire project.  SR crew of professionals and tradespeople were all respectful, friendly, and communicative, which made it just a bit easier for us since we continued to live in our house during the entire 4-month process.”

– Daphne D.

Design + Build, Integrated + Elevated


The time we spend with you in consultation is highly valued by Spaces Renewed as it helps us learn more about your project goals and expectations.  While this is highly important to us, we also greatly benefit from spending time with you in your current home.  Through this, we’ll learn more about your style and tastes which help us provide better recommendations as we work with you.  We serve clients that range from first time home buyers just starting to dip their toes in the water to those that already have each room planned out and know exactly what they want.  Regardless of where you find yourself in this spectrum, we are ready and willing to help you achieve your dream home fantasies, and consulting with you is the first step on that journey.


One of the ways we provide value is in our dedication to innovation.  Where many firms still use blueprints exclusively to show you a floor plan and details, we use a different method.  With the aid of our sophisticated project management and design software, you’ll be able to leap off the page and into a 3D model of your new home.  You’ll be able to see, to a great level of detail, the features of each room and begin to feel what it will be like to traverse through this space.  One of the most prominent advantages to our software is that in addition to seeing the spaces fully realized, you can make on-the-fly changes to your design and layout.  With a few simple clicks, you can make alterations to your plans and have it show you the changes immediately.  No more waiting days for markups to occur on blueprints and hoping the change will work out as you hoped.


Before building can begin, we’ll take the planning time to special order materials, arrange for delivery and perform quality checks.  While that is happening, you’ll be able to finalize project plans in our management software which also keeps you connected to your builder and designer.  Completing all project details and disclosures can be a stressful time, but with our focus on being present and accessible, you won’t be left in the dark during this time.


Using a combination of our own employees and trusted subcontractors, we’ll work to make sure things don’t fall apart at the end, the place they most frequently do.  By knowing the entire team and building professional working relationships, you’ll benefit from avoiding the frustration caused by tradesmen making changes without your knowledge to meet a deadline or to make something pass inspection more easily.  Instead, we’ll be there as the work happens, watching to make sure the plans are carried out as agreed-upon.  We’ll also be there in case complications require us to consider possible alternatives.  The key is that you won’t be left in the dark or left alone to make a million unforeseen decisions.  We are your one-stop shop all the way to the end.

We Look Forward to Hearing From You

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