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When shopping for a newly constructed house, you know you’re making several big decisions.  Location, lot size, square footage, amenities, are just some of the considerations you’ll need to make, but the list goes on.  In addition to the pressure these decisions present, there is also the matter of finding a team that can deliver what you want for a reasonable fee.  At Spaces Renewed, we know there are many companies out there making big promises.  That’s why it’s so important for us to stick by our word and demonstrate a commitment to our clients that we feel is unmatched.  We are a husband-and-wife-owned design and home-build firm specializing in helping those we serve build the coastal home of their dreams, and we are excited for you to check us out.

Our services provide a streamlined, yet thorough approach.  We start by challenging the traditional approach which often involves a disjointed team and unaligned agendas.  The integrated service style we provide is essential to our work and reputation, and the efforts we take to bring an exceptionally qualified and disciplined team together under one roof means you’ll have one point of contact from the beginning to the end of your construction project.

We’ve established ourselves as a premier firm in the area by staying true to these principles, and our reputation speaks for itself.  We are proud of the reputation we’ve built from surpassing client expectations and the positive things said about our work in various industry publications such as Home Builder Digest, Home Bunch, Houzz Magazine demonstrate this.  In addition, as an industry thought leader, co-owner Beth Booth was interviewed by SDVoyager to discuss her experience in making custom homes in the area.  At an open house event we hosted, Modern Luxury Magazine decided to stop by.

Most importantly, our clients love what we do:

“We knew when we were ready to remodel…they were our choice!!  Our remodel was to add square footage to the master bedroom and add a completely new master bath.  The job went very smoothly.  I can’t say enough great things about the subcontractors they used on our project.  We lived in the house while the construction was in progress with ZERO disruptions to us.  We are very happy with the finished product.  I would highly recommend Spaces Renewed.”

– Christina M.

Design + Build, Integrated + Elevated

At Spaces Renewed, we unite one team of trusted designers, architects, construction, and spatial specialists to bring your future home all the way from concept to completion and do so in a way that is both integrated and elevated based on each individual’s needs and wants.


It all starts with consultation.  We spend time in your current residence in order to better know you and glean what we can through our assessment.  This also allows us to discuss project goals and potential budget.  We want to learn about your tastes, preferences and more so we can deliver a house that matches your authentic style.  This time is vital and while we value it, we also value your time.  We use a consolidated process and make sure you are getting as much out of consultation as we do.  Wherever you may be in the planning, if you have no idea where to start or you’ve been planning details of this project for years, we can meet you where you are.  We also can use this time to answer questions and help with starting to outline schedule and timeline estimates.


As we advance to the design phase, you’ll see our integrated process coming together.  To promote efficiency, effectiveness, and accuracy we use advanced project management software designed with our clients in mind.  When designing your home, we’ll use our software which allows you to see a fully rendered, 3D outline of your home.  From fixtures to features, our “hands-on” approach to design is partly how our distinct process comes to life.  As we strive for accuracy and efficiency, we allow you to see changes made in real-time and we can take care of every detail with you on the spot without the need to send out notes and plan markups to eventually be incorporated.


Our effective planning helps us meet your timing requirements and project expectations and keeps the project moving forward.  We’ll use our planning time to unite you with your builder and designer using a fully integrated management software system.  You’ll be able to review vital project details, read disclosures and view drawings for your project.  We also use this time to finalize project details and special-order materials.  Before breaking ground, we’ll perform quality control on materials to make sure things meet our high standards.


After finalizing the plans and timeline for deliverables, we progress to the final stage, building.  We know that everything is still on the line at this point, and it is essential for the people who worked with you throughout to be on site during the project.  With our employees and subcontractors, we’ll be there to simplify the process and to make sure unapproved compromises aren’t made that would sacrifice customer satisfaction.  The key is being present and attentive from the first day to the finishing touches, and at Spaces Renewed, it’s something we don’t take lightly.

We Look Forward to Hearing From You

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Please Note

As we continue to face this unprecedented time, Spaces Renewed is pleased to inform you that as an essential business, we are currently providing service in the La Jolla area.  We remain in accordance with the State of California’s mandates and continue to implement necessary safeguards to ensure the health, safety and well-being of all our clients, employees and families.  While we wish it was ‘business as usual’, we can still provide the same great service you seek.