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Your home plays an integral role in your life.  If it was built with someone else in mind, you may find that your home is no longer meeting your family’s needs.  Each family will have its own set of requirements, from square footage, number of rooms, closet space, and style, so it’s no surprise that many of these requirements are best met with a custom-built home.  At Spaces Renewed, we are a husband-and-wife-owned design and home-build firm.  We are confident that we can give you the new home build that you’re looking for.  We’re excited to show you how.

Using our own unique Design + Build approach, we can help bring our clients the quality build they’re looking for at a competitive price.  Our team is all housed under one roof, so we’ll be there with you through every step of the project, beginning with planning and ending with your newly finished home.  Because you’ll be working with one team, we can provide efficiency and savings for your build.

Our reputation is important to us, and we’ve spent our time in the industry making sure that it is positive.  As industry leaders, we’ve had work featured in publications such as Home Builder Digest, Home Bunch, and Houzz Magazine.  In addition, as an industry thought leader, co-owner, Beth Booth did an exclusive interview with SDVoyager about her work in custom home building.  Modern Luxury Magazine came to an open house event we hosted.  While we’re proud of these accomplished, we’re most happy about what our previous customers and clients have to say:

“We had such an amazing experience.  The entire building process, from design to completion, was flawless.  We love our new home and we are beyond grateful to Spaces Renewed for building our dream home into a magnificent reality.”

– James & Sara Whitmore

Design + Build

Our Design + Build process starts with consultation.  During the consultation, we will spend time with you and your family in your current home.  We’ll ask questions to find out about your goals, lifestyle, and design choices so that we can help make sure that you get everything you want from your new custom build.  We’ll make sure to listen to you so that you can be sure that your home is tailor-made for you.  While we’re excited to give suggestions and lend our expertise, we’ll make sure that you are in charge of your new home.

Next comes the design phase, where you’ll notice one of the biggest things that sets our approach apart.  We’ll use specialized software to show you a fully rendered 3D model of your new home before construction ever begins.  Using this software, you’ll also be able to make changes and adjustments to the plans.  You won’t have to leave notes for contractors and wait for replies, you’ll be able to see those changes in real time and your changes will make it to the entire team.  This frees you to be as hands-on throughout the process as you want and ensures your satisfaction with the plan moving forward.

Moving on to the planning phase of your project, your team will work together to make sure that everyone is on the same page.  Your builder and designer will finalize all of the details of your build, and we’ll even take care of ordering materials, performing quality checks, and timeline and budget requirements.

The last step in our process is the building phase.  During building, we’ll continue to be your on-site team, there to supervise and answer any questions.  With us at the site, you can rest assured that your plan is followed and no changes are made without your approval.  If any problems arise, we’ll be there to offer suggestions and new ideas so that you can make an informed decision about how to proceed.

Integrated + Elevated

We are dedicated to positive experience for all of our clients and a quality build at the end.  That’s why we are committed to our Integrated + Elevated approach.  Our architect, engineer, designer, and builder are all housed together under one roof so that you can benefit from the simplicity of working with just one team.  We pride ourselves on our frequent and clear communication so that you are always aware of what is happening with your build project.

We also are able to use this approach to streamline the building process so that we can get your project done quickly and at a competitive price.  Our team works hard to make sure that your project stays on budget and on time.  

We Look Forward to Hearing From You

Whether you’re ready to get started or have additional questions, we’re ready to hear from you.  Please contact us at your convenience.