Project Description

Calgary Chapel Living Hope | Oceanside

Calgary Chapel Living Hope | Oceanside—a historical church that has been providing a unique community and gathering place that encompasses the entire range of the Oceanside population.

Beyond the structural and extensive floor plan renovations, the redesign includes many upgrades to help the organization provide services through the COVID period and beyond. The renovations will provide the ability for streaming live feeds as well as many technical and audio/visual improvements that will be utilized when members can resume in-person gatherings.

Spaces Renewed donated an estimated $150,000 in design and construction services to the projected total of $250,000 to remodel the historic Oceanside community church originally built in 1868. The long-overdue renovation is essential to providing community long-overdue services in the form of feeding the homeless and food pantry provisions, free drug and alcohol counseling, wedding hosting, marriage, and family counseling, housing for college interns and a location to hold community events.