Carlsbad, California — remodel was completed in 2022 and now stands as a flagship for Spaces Renewed design and build firm in North County San Diego. Out of 10’s of thousands of square feet, there is not one inch of this place that we didn’t get our hands on. We literally blew the roof off this diamond in the rough and pieced it back together with love, tenacity, blood, sweat, and

tears. With the entire world being shut down due to the pandemic, trades not being able to get material on time, or having issues with labor, it made this project that much more difficult but we didn’t quit, and we didn’t let up. We kept charging through it all and now this renovation stands as so much more than a completed renovation.

The Kitchen: How We Brought It Together

This kitchen renovation presented a challenging yet rewarding task. To create a more open layout, a wall was removed, which also led to the sacrifice of cabinetry space. Instead of traditional windows, the design retained a balcony door for an unobstructed view. A single, multi-functional wall was meticulously planned to incorporate a pantry, paneled fridge, and carefully sized oven, optimizing storage and utility. Though some compromises on appliance sizes were made for maintaining functionality and maximizing space, we ended up creating a practical and balanced kitchen with spectacular views and a bright modern feel.

Aged & Dated To Vivid and New


This renovation involved substantial structural changes to meet the husband’s desire for taller ceilings. Originally, the home had inconsistent ceiling heights that were visually confusing. To create uniformity, the entire roof structure was redesigned to align with the family room’s ceiling.

Cabinets in the room were replaced with white Shaker cabinets featuring glass doors, enhancing the room’s sense of openness and light. The countertop was made of low-maintenance natural stone in a very light shade to meet the wife’s preference for a bright space.

Mastering the Split-Level With Innovative Design

The house features a unique split-level design, which presented a design challenge for the master bathroom. To maximize functionality, the bathroom is divided into two different levels. The vanity and toilet are located on the main level for easy nighttime access. Meanwhile, the shower is placed on the upper level to take advantage of the views. Additionally, there’s a landing area in the hallway that has been transformed into linen storage. The master suite also contains a private washer and dryer, supplementing a full-sized laundry room located downstairs. This intricate layout required careful planning to ensure both functionality and aesthetics.

Views, Versatility, and Vibrant Vibes

The fireplace in this room is a high-end system with super-insulated glass for safety, effectively venting heat to prevent buildup. Adjacent to the fireplace is a window that serves as a view corridor into an adjoining office.

This design choice allows for a view without sacrificing privacy. The sides of the view corridor are made of full-height drywall, providing the office with floor-to-ceiling built-in storage, optimizing both aesthetics and functionality.

Ocean-Friendly Tiles And Expanded Views

This outdoor patio features porcelain tile that emulates limestone, chosen for its lower maintenance requirements, especially in oceanic settings where limestone could be porous and problematic. The design includes a 42-inch tall staircase from the main living room because the ceiling heights were raised by one to two feet, allowing for larger windows that extend from corner to corner in some areas. This transformation is particularly evident in the dining room, where before, much lower ceilings had obstructed views.

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