Rancho Santa Fe Contractor

Spaces Renewed Delivers A Real Bonus To Every Bonus Room.

If you’re looking for a Rancho Santa Fe Contractor, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Spaces Renewed, we specialize in room additions.

We’re committed to providing our clients with the highest quality work and customer service and are ready to tackle your next room addition project. So, whether you need a new bedroom, a new bathroom, or a new dining room, we’re the team to call.

At Spaces Renewed, we want your new, added space to look and feel like it is always a part of your home. One important aspect of any room addition is ensuring that the new space reflects the character of the room adjoining. It can be done in some ways, but the simplest is using similar colors and materials in the new space as in the existing room. It will help create a seamless transition between the two spaces and make the new addition feel like it has always been there.

Our purposeful design will enhance both the feel and function of your current home. Custom touches like built-in niches and bookcases, fireplaces and window seats all supplement the charm and use of the new space. When adding square footage, bedrooms, bathrooms, or larger kitchens, we want your new floor plan to be inspired, not just meet added space requirements.

We also have advanced 3D rendering design software that shows your additions in real-time, so you can see each option exactly when completed. You can make the right decisions on the spot with an interactive process that is both creative and exciting to experience. The result—is a highly-functional space that matches your home and realizes your vision.