We Create Beautiful Custom Homes Designed For Your Family’s Lifestyle.

The organization of a whole-house renovation is no easy task. Spaces Renewed specializes in managing all of the complexities, taking the burden off the homeowner by thinking through the entire scope of the project ahead of time. Our intricate design process and comprehensive management software enables us to enter into the build phase with all the details accounted for and every foreseeable hurdle conquered—long before the first hammer is swung.

Because we are an integrated boutique firm with our own seamless Design + Build process, we always ensure the best possible outcome by utilizing one point-of-contact to manage the entire project. We alleviate the typical disjointed processes that many contractors and over-sized construction firms utilize—the fumbled details, miscommunications and scheduling delays that often lead to renovations dragging out way longer than necessary. At Spaces Renewed, we pride ourselves on completing many of our projects ahead of schedule.

Each whole-home we remodel is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that is customized to meet your needs, personal taste and lifestyle. Our designs are cohesive and creative, blending each room together, complimenting each unique feature, all while maintaining the unique feel and function of each space.