Read the full article: “Spaces Renewed” of Oceanside, CA to Be Featured on “the Neighborhood SD Show” January 24th, 2021

“The Neighborhood SD” community/lifestyle show will feature The Spaces Renewed team on Sunday, January 24th, at 10 am on Cox Communications. The show provides insights into what’s happening in America’s Finest City. The show features San Diego’s top-producing real estate agents, local bars, restaurants, businesses, and attractions; this lifestyle show is a true guide to all things San Diego.

Owner/Producer of The Neighborhood SD, Ty Hines, stated, “We at The Neighborhood are excited to be highlighting one of the leading thought-leaders in design, renovation, and home-building, Spaces Renewed. The husband-and-wife-owned company and dynamic duo embody the true American Dream of entrepreneurship and success. If you’re looking to design and build your dream home as well as make your vision a reality beyond expectation, make sure to tune in.”

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Spaces Renewed is a husband-and-wife-owned design, renovation, and home-build firm specializing in custom, coastal whole-home renovations and new construction. The firm challenges the traditional approach of separately procuring architect, design & build services by seamlessly integrating every part of the home building process under one roof — from concept to completion.

Beth Booth, Owner, and Designer at Spaces Renewed said, “We realize that homeowners are looking for a team who understand the broader marketplace and are mindful of the ROI for our clients and end-users. If people are looking to find their dream home, we want them to broaden their search to include new construction, and if that is the direction they decide to go in, there is no better model than design/build to get them to the end goal the quickest.”

Beth elaborated, “On the show, we explain how you can save time, money, and hassle by knowing the lot constraints and building a budget quicker than the conventional model. We are experienced in lot/land acquisition issues and know the pitfalls, so we can be the advocate for the purchaser, helping to negotiate the best possible terms on the purchase.”

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Full Article: “Spaces Renewed” of Oceanside, CA to Be Featured on “the Neighborhood SD Show” January 24th, 2021