Whole Home Renovation Cardiff By The Sea

With a growing family or changing needs, sometimes your home just needs a complete renovation.  There may be out of date style choices you wish to change, added storage you need or countless other items that require the attention of a qualified renovation and home build firm.  Thankfully, Spaces Renewed can provide just that to Cardiff By The Sea residents.  As a husband-and-wife-owned company, we focus on delivering the renovations you seek, at competitive rates, while delivering a unique service approach tailored to your specific needs.  However drastic your renovation needs may be, we can transform your entire home seamlessly, beautifully and on schedule.

Through our years in service our reputation has grown along with our brand.  We are committed to exceeding client expectations while setting clear timelines to turn your renovation project around efficiently.  With entire home renovation projects, we are acquainted with the snags and hurdles that make these projects a nightmare and the negative effects of delays and missed deadlines.  We are dedicated to being a different type of service provider.

Beyond our commitment to doing our work in a timely manner, we also pride ourselves on the reputation we’ve built along the way.  In fact, our work has been featured in top industry publications such as Home Builder Digest, Home Bunch and Houzz Magazine.  Furthermore, as a respected thought leader in the industry, co-owner Beth Booth was interviewed by SDVoyager recently and discussed the experiences that helped her turn Spaces Renewed into the sought after firm it is today.  At a recent open house, our work was even showcased in Modern Luxury Magazine.

Beyond this positive industry reputation, our customers also like the way we do business:

“We had such an amazing experience.  The entire building process, from design to completion was flawless.  We love our new home and we are beyond grateful to Spaces Renewed for building our dream home into a magnificent reality.”

– James & Sara Whitmore

Design + Build

Our process is methodical and intentional.  This means, we start with conducting a thorough consultation with you, in your home.  We want to get to know the space we’ll be renovating as well as learn more about your project goals and personal taste.  Using our time-tested questionnaire and conversing with you will be imperative to helping us provide the custom service approach we tout, and it can lead to a massively improved client experience.  

After the time we spend in consultation, we’ll move onto the design process.  This is where your project will begin to take shape and form through the use of our advanced rendering software.  You’ll have the opportunity to see a detailed model of the renovations, but just as important, you’ll be able to make design changes on-the-fly.  Our system allows these changes to occur without slowing down the project process that can creep up as you make notes to plans and wait on the designer or contractor to implement them.  While we certainly provide a “hands-on” approach, we place listening to your needs as paramount to all that we do.  Our advisory role is non-intrusive, and we don’t step on your plans, we just make them a reality.

Before the actual renovations can take place, we’ll make detailed plans, order required materials and perform quality control checks on everything.  This is part of how we simplify the project process, but it doesn’t stop there.  We also unify the entire team and make sure everyone is on the same page before proceeding to construction.

As we ready ourselves to break ground and get started, the building process may be the most important.  Having the perfect plan and a great team is one thing but making sure it’s carried out without compromise is the key to your happiness and our success.  We take that very seriously.  We’ll be on site, ready to answer questions and making sure tradesmen don’t make unapproved changes for expediency.  We are there to provide peace of mind, and a quality renovation.

Integrated + Elevated

While we can provide project ideas and plans to help you see the possibilities, our Integrate + Elevated approach is decidedly different than many other firms.  Tailoring our entire service to your space and needs, you won’t have to worry about generic renovation ideas that stem from overly simplified blueprints.  From concept to completion, we purposefully execute your plan, the way you want, and, we’ll work hard to prevent the fumbled details that can plague home renovations.  We also can help you outline a comprehensive budget so everyone can meet the agreed-upon expectations from the outset.

We Would Love to Hear from You!

Whether you have questions, comments or are ready to get started on your home renovation project, we look forward to speaking with you.

Please Note

Classified as an essential business under California’s requirements, we are providing these services currently in the Cardiff By The Sea area.  Rest assured, we will continue to implement important safeguards to promote the health, safety and well-being of our clients and employees.  We look forward to when we can all return to ‘business as usual’, but until then, you can still receive the quality services we offer.