Whole Home Renovation Del Mar

Something we hear quite often is that what once seemed like a house a family could grow into has quickly become one in desperate need of a complete overhaul.  Sometimes it’s just keeping pace with growing kids, other times it’s because work from home opportunities or new hobbies have presented themselves, but in reality, there is no shortage of reasons why a whole home renovation might be necessary.  For years, we’ve been helping families adapt their Del Mar homes to whatever situation they fall under, and we look forward to helping you do the same.  Welcome to Spaces Renewed, where we work to create beautiful custom homes designed for your family’s ever expanding lifestyle and needs.  Whatever state your house is in, and however drastic your renovation needs may be, we can transform your entire home seamlessly, beautifully and on schedule.  As a husband-and-wife-owned design and home-build firm we are focused on making your dreams a reality.

Using an integrated approach, we blend incredible build quality and a simple, streamlined project approach to not only deliver the finished product you want, but to make the journey there easy for you.  We manage the entire project using one point-of-contact which helps clean up the communication while delivering concise planning and established expectations.  We avoid the fumbled details and miscommunications that turn these projects into nightmares, and we stay in contact and within reach from our first consultation to the final day of construction to make sure you get exactly the renovation you sought out.  It’s integral to everything we do and are proud of as a business.  We’ll help you realize and reach the one-of-a-kind masterpiece you maybe didn’t even know was possible.

Furthermore, we don’t just make bold promises, but we have a reputation for delivering.  In fact, we are delighted that our work has been featured in leading industry publications such as Home Builder Digest, Home Bunch and Houzz Magazine.  Furthermore, our insights have also been sought after, and as an example, co-owner Beth Booth was interviewed by SDVoyager recently to discuss the experiences that helped her turn Spaces Renewed into the desirable firm it is today.  At a recent open house, our work was even showcased in Modern Luxury Magazine.

We are most proud of what our customers say about us though:

“We interviewed over 12 contractor, designer, architect, and “build/design” teams (and variations of such) over 3 months before choosing Beth and Marshall…our major remodel and expansion is complete only due to their skill, attention to detail and professionalism. Extremely easy to work with and communicative, the entire team made a long-distance project for us manageable. Thank you for an unforgettable process and outcome!”

–       Robin W.

Design + Build

There isn’t one part of our approach that gets short shrift, and you’ll never feel you are competing for our attention.  As we start the process, we’ll invest adequate time in consultation with you.  This means, getting out of our offices and into your home.  We benefit from spending time in your house learning about its history and structure, and just as important, learning from you.  We have intentional and helpful questions that will help us learn a lot from you, so that we can begin scoping a project that meets your exacting standards.  This helps as we advance to the design phase.  In seeking to be clear and streamlined, our use of sophisticated software helps us accomplish this.  You’ll actually be able to see your house, renovated using our 3D rendering software, so you won’t be left guessing what the finished product will look like.  You’ll also have the freedom to make instantaneous project modifications and changes without waiting for a draftsman to implement them.  We believe in real-time service, and our software brings that to fruition.

Once it’s time to begin finalizing details, we’ll proceed to the planning phase.  We use this time to order materials, perform necessary quality checks and manage any necessary permits to complete the work.  We take care of the red tape, so you can focus on the fun parts, but this is also where you’ll be able to be connected with your team.  We pride ourselves on presenting a single team and removing competing agendas.  We are all here for you, and you deserve to feel how different this approach is.  As we advance to the final building phase, it’s imperative this same attention to detail is carried out, all the way to the end.  We do this by staying connected with you, being on site during the work and answering questions whenever they come up and however complicated they are.  This is also vital as we make sure compromises aren’t being made that can present anything less than the ideal project you have in mind.

Spaces Renewed is here to make your dream a reality, and we believe we are fully capable of doing just that.

Integrated + Elevated

We’ll have a lot of ideas and options ready to present to you if you so wish, but with our Integrated + Elevated approach, we want to make sure your thoughts and wishes are heard and met.  From concept to completion, we purposefully and beautifully execute your plan, the way you intended it.  We’ll work to prevent the fumbled details that can plague home renovations and help you outline a realistic budget so everyone can meet the clear expectations from the outset.

We Would Love to Hear from You!

When you’re ready to begin considering how Spaces Renewed can help you, we invite you to contact us in any of the following ways.

Please Note

We are an essential business under California guidelines and pleased to inform you that we are still providing services in the Del Mar area.  Rest assured that we will continue to implement important safeguards to promote the health, safety and well-being of our clients and employees.  We look forward to when we can all return to ‘business as usual’, but until then, you can still receive the quality services we offer in the Del Mar area.