Whole Home Renovation La Jolla

While the house you purchased may have fit all your needs at first, things change, families grow and life gets more complicated.  We’ve seen and heard this many times from in our years of service, and that’s why at Spaces Renewed, we work to create beautiful custom homes designed for your family’s lifestyle and needs.  Whatever state your house is in, and however drastic your renovation needs may be, we can transform your entire home seamlessly, beautifully and on schedule.  Thank you for stopping by the husband-and-wife-owned design and home-build firm focused on making your dreams a reality.

Our top-tier services have provided La Jolla area homeowners increased peace of mind and comfort for years, and our reputation has grown along with our brand.  We dedicate ourselves to exceeding your expectations while setting clear deadlines and goals to quickly turn your renovation project into a completed one.  With whole home renovations, we understand the challenges that can frustrate homeowners and the negative effects of delays and missed deadlines.  Beyond our commitment to doing our work in a timely manner, we also pride ourselves on the reputation we’ve built along the way.  In fact, our work has been featured in top industry publications such as Home Builder Digest, Home Bunch and Houzz Magazine.  Furthermore, as a respected thought leader in the industry, co-owner Beth Booth was interviewed by SDVoyager recently and discussed the experiences that helped her turn Spaces Renewed into the sought after firm it is today.  At a recent open house, our work was even showcased in Modern Luxury Magazine.

We are most proud of what our customers say about us though:

“We had such an amazing experience.  The entire building process, from design to completion was flawless.  We love our new home and we are beyond grateful to Spaces Renewed for building our dream home into a magnificent reality.”

– James & Sara Whitmore

Design + Build

What better place to start than at the beginning?  For us, that means consulting with you, in your home in order to learn as much as we can about your tastes and preferences.  It also is vital to us understanding the structure and history of your house.  We also conduct a thorough, yet simple questionnaire.  All of this goes toward our tailored service approach, and it helps you receive the renovations you want rather than being pressured into accepting renovations you don’t.

After consultation, we’ll advance to the design process, where your choices and opinions begin to take form using our sophisticated rendering software.  Our integrated process unites you with the entire team that will be working on your home and helps produce accuracy.  You’ll be able to make real-time on-the-fly decisions and changes to the project and skip the slow process of incorporating notes into a blueprint.  With our “hands-on” approach, we’ll guide you through all the details.  No stone is too small for us to overturn.  Our advisory role is non-intrusive, and we don’t step on your plans, we simply make them a reality.

When we move onto planning, it’s important that we take the time to order materials, perform quality control checks and align every detail to your specifications.  Using our advanced project management software, you’ll be connected to the builder, designer and everyone else in a streamlined channel with open communication.  You’ll be able to focus on the fun parts, and we’ll take care of the rest.

As we ready ourselves to break ground and get started, the building process may be the most important.  Having the perfect plan and a great team is one thing but making sure it’s carried out without compromise is key to your happiness.  We take that very seriously.  We’ll be on site, ready to answer questions and making sure tradesmen don’t make unapproved changes for expediency.  We are there to provide peace of mind, and a quality renovation.

Integrated + Elevated

We’ll have a lot of ideas and options ready to present to you if you so wish, but with our Integrated + Elevated approach, we want to make sure your thoughts and wishes are heard and met.  From concept to completion, we purposefully and beautifully execute your plan, the way you intended it.  We’ll work to prevent the fumbled details that can plague home renovations and help you outline a realistic budget so everyone can meet the clear expectations from the outset.

We Would Love to Hear from You!

Whether you have questions, comments or are ready to get started on your home renovation, we look forward to speaking with you.

Please Note

As California and the nation continue to grapple with COVID-19, we are pleased to inform you that as an essential business, we are still providing services in the La Jolla area.  Rest assured that we will continue to implement important safeguards to promote the health, safety and well-being of our clients and employees.  We look forward to when we can all return to ‘business as usual’, but until then, you can still receive the quality services we offer in the La Jolla area.